How Hard To Push This Wheat Crop
29 Mar 232 min 17 sec

After a few freezes and some pretty wet weather, Johnny is back in his wheat field. He talks about some head and stem damage he has and next steps. 

00:00 Johnny varel with extreme AG I just gonna give y'all quick update on our wheat crop and how we're doing this year. And so, you 00:06 know, we had a freeze come in during December there around Christmas we talked about that on one of the episodes are on one of the wheat updates I had and you know, we pretty much 00:15 been wet ever since we had snow then we've had rain the wheat's been really waterlogged. We actually had to use an airplane which is 00:21 extremely unusual for us to use an airplane to put out our urea or nitrogen on our wheat, but we were able to get a plane to do 00:27 one shot of nitrogen and then we slipped in about 10 days ago and put our big shot of nitrogen on our weight to 00:33 kind of push it along and unfortunately right after we did that we had another pretty cold weather event the same one that 00:39 hurt Matt's corn and soybeans down there and you know, we were below 20 degrees two nights in a row for several hours each night and our Scout does 00:48 tell us that we do have quite a bit of stem injury. We'll find out later on this week how much head injury we actually have going on down in the wheat plant right now. And you know, 00:58 is that a critical time there where we were either a day or two from hurting us or we were gonna make it by just right on the cold 01:04 temperatures. So we'll see he has seen several several areas where they've had some pretty substantial damage to their wheat crop and we're out here today. We're able 01:13 to get going. It's pretty heavy we had about an inch of rain three days ago. We're out here today spraying we're going to do a 01:19 Fungicide and herbicides shot along with this exercise shot on the wheat to kind of clean it up. We had a few weed escapes that 01:25 we didn't get in the fall and mainly just giving it a little fungicide to keep it clean and we're also putting a growth regulator 01:31 on it because a lot of our ground last year. We had probably some of the worst corn yields we have had in a very long time. So we got 01:37 a lot of residual nitrogen. So one of the things we're focusing on is putting a little bit of extra growth regulator 01:43 on our wheat, we're using Palisade this year and just trying to make sure we can keep it keep it short and 01:49 stature and maybe make a little thicker stem to keep it stand. This year because we do know we'll have some residual nitrogen especially 01:55 outside the pivot circles. It's it's pretty you can see it right now. You're with the visual eye right now what's going on outside the pivot with the nitrogen? So that's the big thing 02:04 we're doing is just trying to get it a few more weeks down the road to assess and see how hard we're gonna push this wheat crop going into flag leaf 02:10 and heading Thank you.

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