How Hard is your Adjuvant Working?
26 Jul 226 min 50 sec

How hard is your adjuvant working for you? Chad talks about finding the right adjuvants for your operation and his experience so far trialing a new workhorse of an adjuvant from



00:00 Well greetings here. We are at Henderson Farms Madison, Alabama. We're talking about a new product line that we are 00:06 using extreme. AG a company's new partner of our spray Tech John's anati is the product and developing and marketing manager for spray Tech. They started off 00:15 an edge events Chad Henderson began using their products this year. We're going to talk about what he's already used the results. He saw and the stuff he's going to be applying today in 00:24 this first episode. We're gonna talk about the product he put on and spring it has a product called Full Tech full Tech 00:30 is an adjuvant. I think about admits I think about what they do to help your take mix what happens with adjuvents. What 00:36 are they John? So the edge of events is it's gonna be something that you're gonna put on your water that makes your pesticide the more efficient, you know from Drew 00:45 for tard and snowman answer facts, there's deformers everything they're all considered Edge events. And what Chad's using or 00:54 Chad used this best spring with the herb side was the full Tech Edge and which is a multifunctional. Product it's got everything on that. So it's an 01:02 easy button for Farmers. It's super efficient cost-effective. And that's what he used. Well it was what would you 01:09 do? What was going forward was we make a in our herbicide spray on our corn there's multiple things in it and sometimes 01:15 those things don't always want to coincist with each other coexist with each other. So what we get into is if you 01:21 get a rain shower and it's not bad when you're mixing them up and you putting them out and get it right out. It's not a problem. It's when you get it raining it 01:27 sets in a tank and then you go back to spray it the some stuff kind of settles out and it gets the layered up on you. So this product what 01:33 we've seen with this product is it don't let it layer if I get in a rain shower or putting it out it makes and I got the Deep Homer all 01:39 in one before I'm having to put the edge of an in then I can squirt a little deep foam or in and you always just squirt some English. There's never any ounces on 01:45 our phone. I don't know if anybody else's Farm is that way y'all's is probably not. It's probably precise on the Deep foamer. If it is, you're all 01:51 good. But on this Farm, it's not we just kind of keep squirting until it goes away. You know, that's paying forward today really big deal. So what 01:57 we get into Needing two or three things and when we dump this in we was doing that start with and obviously we want to do like most actions. 02:05 We want to put it in treat the water try to get some water in there treat most the tank and then dump all your stuff in. All 02:11 right. So you started using admins. I mean, I I think about it as I'm not I don't remember this from the old days but 20 years ago this kind of became a thing, 02:20 right? Yeah. Okay, and the first thing was probably foam anti-foam right? Because otherwise your 02:26 tank is 300 gallons of water and 200 gallons of photos running out on the ground. You know, we got it. We're sweeping it off 02:32 the street. I'm just messing with y'all. Here we go again with EPA step. All right. Yeah DP is gonna love that one. Yeah. The point 02:38 is you you would say that we did not use we did not use surfactants. I'm sorry. We're not use a edge of this as much this Edge event combines 02:47 for fact and foam retardant and also drift control. It's got pretty much everything one package. That's what you want. Yeah. 02:53 Well the main thing we wanted was to keep it in in suspicious to me suspension has gonna say stability, but 02:59 This morning to keep it in suspension and that's the big thing for this product with me, you know adjuvants are a lot 03:05 of adjuvants are like and some imagineers are not alike. But a lot of them are and adjuvant toadjamin, but when you talk 03:11 about keeping it in suspension, that means a lot to us. Okay, the adjuvants are adjuins defend that there you 03:17 go. Come on. Well, there's a different box there and drivens in their Edge events, you know ours is more complete. It's a simple solution what we're trying to bring here to 03:26 the farm. It's again, it's an easy button, you know Farmers, they're always busy with something. They're always trying to get multiple things done. 03:35 And whenever it comes to mixing their herb sides and sexides and fun decides, they usually don't have too much time. Sure. So instead of dumping your 51 pounds 03:44 of bag of AMS blows your fact and blows your deformer blizzard drift guitar and most of the times you're not using all of them just as a retailer 03:53 just want to sell you just straight AMS or something else. So when it comes to that point full text 03:59 is just Simple jerk easy convenient that you can dump on your tank and go, you know, it's dump and go and it's a low use rate as well. Okay. Now you 04:08 don't like low use rates and a lot of things and this particular case a few ounces per gallon a few. I mean 04:14 what we talk about. Yeah one joke did 80 acres. Yep. Yep, sarjugs will do so our rates 15 to 18 ounces per 100 gallons of 04:20 water. So a jig will do pretty much 80 or 60 Acres and most of the sprayers are 1200 gallons. So a jet will do 1200 gallon. So it's pretty easy. 04:29 It's a joke per load. Okay any problems that you saw with this Edge event that you'd say? All right this full text a cool product, but 04:39 It's green. I enjoyed using it. I did I mean it I mean I didn't see anything with it. That's got a really cool jug. Listen, I like to do 04:49 drugs cool. Is there anything I mean, you're the customer? Is there anything when you say all right, you know what this would really make me 04:55 want to buy this adjuvant versus any of them because we can we can argue that there's not a lot of difference What's the Difference Maker? 05:01 It's a youth rate. It's the use rate. It's one joke party and we do that a lot. I mean it's a lot of stuff is 3.2 ounces, 05:07 you know to where it makes a full load. Yeah, but we it's the use rate and a simple Simplicity of using one product versus three. 05:13 Okay the convenience in there convenience there what else on the full Tech that as an adjuvant that you've seen 05:22 or you're seeing out there that you're like hey, you know something I'm really kind of excited about for this product. Well the full 05:28 day again, it's just solicity of it. That's the main selling point for us. Also making things, right, you know, most of 05:37 the times farmers are not paying attention and even high yielding farmers and I've worked with a bunch back in Brazil. 05:42 That's one now here in the US but worked with high yielding Farmers back in Brazil. And I was there they're not paying attention on like water conditioning which is 05:51 taking the cation the Magnesium calcium out of the water. They're not paying attention and dropping the pH of the water which is pretty important for most of the herbicides and 06:00 they're not paying attention on drift or stuff, you know, so this whole thing the full Tech making so that the full technique she don't have to do that stuff. Well when you know 06:09 what those are when you know what your water is on the farm, then the full tank ensures that you're getting the water, right? Yeah. 06:15 All right final takeaway you use it for the first time spray tax full Tech advant you put in your 06:21 tank mix this spring. Take away that you want to send us out with. Well, let's say it was the first time I've used it. So it's still on chopping block, 06:27 but everything looks good for it. I don't see anything against it or no mixing obviously mixing problems because 06:33 it's a neutralizer anyway, but no, we're anxious shoes. More of it God. He's Chad Henderson Madison, Alabama. He's John zanotti from a company called Spray Tech a 06:42 new partner. We're working with we'll keep post on the results till next time I'm Damian Mason.

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