How Does This Grain Handling System Perform?
30 Oct 231 min 16 sec

Kevin is still learning about his new


 Lexion 8700 combine, but its grain handling system has already caught his attention.

00:00 Got our Klaus 8,700. We demoing this for Klaus and um, ion, it's an amazing piece of equipment. Uh, we're actually going to purchase this machine. It impressed us that much, right? 00:13 A Gehring Hall, 24 row, 22 inch head. The tracks are fabulous, uh, going in and out of field. We really like it. It's much smoother and not, 00:24 don't have the header bounce to do with our wheel machine. It's just absolutely impressive. 00:28 We were setting through here this 7,000 bushels an hour. There's just no corn here. I mean, there's none on the ground. 00:36 It's just absolutely amazing. It's been running combines all my life and I I've never ran anything in corn that's got this type of ability to, uh, 00:47 throughput of getting the crop through there. Um, and ahead. This big, the chaff is so evenly spread the fodder it, 00:57 it spreads at the full width of the head without any issues, but, uh, just absolutely impressive what this plow machine can do.

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