How Do I Know When to Desiccate this Soybean Field?

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8 Sep 234 min 21 secPremium Content

Kevin is in a field where 90% of it is ready to desiccate, but 10% is not. He talks about how he makes a decision of when to desiccate.

Got an extreme ag report here. Um, a lot of you guys and ladies has got some dry weather this year, some real big heat, and, uh, many of you has got questions about, or desiccation or soybeans to get 'em ready for harvest. Try to bring the field in together. This is a good prime example of what you're probably gonna be dealing with in some areas of the United States this year with the dry weather. Uh, we had excellent weather up until, um, about, uh, 10 days before, during, um, R five and a half to R six stage of the soybeans and it caused some of the beans to mature much quicker than others. Basically just run outta water and the heat just got 'em still really good soybeans. But the question is, is how do I know when to desiccate that field? When I've got part of my field has got the leaves falling off? They should have already been desiccated other parts green as a gourd. And, um, this situation right here on this farm, about 90% of the field is ready to desiccate and about 10% is not, actually probably about 50% should have already been desiccated a week ago, but I've had to wait on it and try to time when I can get the average of the whole entire field. So I'm gonna show you some pictures here so you can see what I'm doing. I'm not gonna tell you what I'm doing is right. I'm not gonna tell you it's what's wrong, but what I'm saying is this is what was the best judgment call I could make based off of the information I have and the experience that I have with our, with working with Matt and the guys with Xtreme Mag that's been desiccating for many, many years. But I think I'm making the right call. I know for a fact some on the lower end of this field. I'm gonna show you some vio of it here in just a second. It's too green, they're not ready to desiccate, but it's only about five acres out of about 70 acres in this field that's like that. So, um, I hope this helps you a little bit, um, eases your mind. But I'm gonna show you some video right here and I'm gonna walk you through. So you can see right above us there where we're heading with a sprayer. Those should have already been desiccated. I'm running late on them, but then you get right in here. Well, I'm almost right on time, but then I'm gonna raise up, go even higher. If you look down in that far corner, you can see that those were real green and I'm gonna show you those as we get back down there with a sprayer. They're not quite ready. But the issue is, is we've gotta get this whole field sprayed to bring it in as soon as can be. If I weighed on all those down there to get ready, I'm gonna have 'em popping out weather damage on these up here. And that's, that's about 90% of the field. So I'll show you this and maybe it'll help ease your mind and make it a little easier for you to choose when to pull that trigger. So as you can see, these beans right here, they're not ready to be desiccated. They're Not. I get it. The problem is, is you see the ridge line right here, this is low, right next to the creek behind the pond dam. There's about four acres right here that are not ready out of the 76. And maybe I'm making the wrong call, but it's would be difficult to cut this little area out. Uh, we may be plumb on, we may be 20 miles away when these would be ready to cut. So, um, you know, we're making a decision. I'm spraying 'em. And, and I'm also gonna find out, you know, the results are spraying these, what it does to 'em, how they look. They're very large beans. They're very good beans. These are well over a hundred bushel beans right here, um, non irrigated. But we'll see how this works out. But again, with this dry weather, you're gonna have pockets out in the field that, like out in that ridge that are ready to be sprayed, should have done, been sprayed. And then you're gonna have little areas like this that are not, that's one of the beauties of desiccating is it brings the whole field in order quickly and it preserves the grain quality, integrity of that seed in those areas that get mature quicker. So I hope this helps you a little bit. Might have confused you more, but this is what's going on here in North Carolina. Thank you.

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