How Chad Plans to Get a 25% Boost in P This Season?
1 Jun 221 min 6 sec

The availability of phosphorus to crops is more than just having phosphorus in the soil. Phosphorus deficiency symptoms include reduced growth and yield and delayed maturity. Matt Miles had a lot of success last season using a product called


 to increase P availability and uptake in some cases up to 25% more. Chad is giving it a try on his red soil this season. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and what we're looking at today is the corn and we'll shoot the first video here of the coin that we have new charge on. So 00:09 what new charge does is it's a it makes the phosphorus senior soil more available because you know, a lot of times we've got plenty of phosphorus and especially on 00:19 up into Tennessee. They've got a lot more phosphorus and we do here in North Alabama, but it'll help make that phosphorous more 00:25 available. So we'll you know, you can't really see any you can't really see any differences right now obviously with the corn. So this 00:31 new charge we it's coming from Matt miles and Rob Deadman over in Arkansas and what they seen last year is 25% I think 00:40 around a 25% increase in tissue samples on the phosphorus level. So that'll be real interesting to see if it has the same effect over here in our souls 00:49 and that's what we're testing here. Well, we'll be doing is we'll be pulling some tissue samples and looking at it and comparing how 00:55 the levels increase on it. So y'all stay tuned this new charge and we'll see what Up with this stuff.

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