How A Spring Trial Became A Fall Standard For Wheat on Temple's Farm
20 Oct 232 min 10 sec

Earlier this spring, Temple flew on an emergency application of a


 to stop head scab from spreading throughout his wheat field. The spring emergency application has resulted in a new fall standard.

00:00 Hey guys, temple Roach Extreme Ag. Uh, I just wanted to kind of wrap up wheat season. I, I know it's a couple months after wheat season here, but I'm, 00:11 I'm thinking about my new crop, right? So one of the things that we talked about last year was we were out there and I had to make a application with some pacesetter and 00:23 some other products on, on late season head cab. Well, this is what I know. It did such a good job at two to four gallons an acre, you know, 00:33 and I was really worried about that 'cause I usually use a ground application rig. 00:37 So it worked so well that I decided that this year part of my grower standard practice is gonna be this in the fall when I plant my crop, 00:47 I put fungicide on my wheat when it's, you know, it's this big, it just gets outta ground. And we put fungicide on and we've been using, 00:55 you know, kind of a half to a threequarter rate and I've been really satisfied with that. 01:01 But one of the new things that we're gonna do this year is I made that so good with pacesetter. 01:06 Pacesetter basically makes your fungicides work a little bit better than what it already would've, right? Maybe it has a little bit of fungicide activity in it. 01:17 I don't know what you want to call it, but I can tell you that it worked as good at five gallons an acre. Being able to put that on as it did does when I'm putting on 15 to 20 01:27 gallons with a ground rig. And I generally don't treat my head scab and wheat, you know, with a airplane. So this year, that's my new plan. 01:36 My plan is, is when the wheat comes outta the ground, my first set of, uh, first little shot of fungicide, um, with Nutri charge, with uh, 01:46 C Catt, with sugar, with Preor, um, you know, that's what I use Preor and with Axo and wood residual, um, for my ryegrass problem. That program right there with fertility, 01:58 it's going to have pacesetter in it. That's my new go-to. So be back to you guys soon. Thanks so much.

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