Holding Back Tar Spot
16 Sep 231 min 29 sec

As dry as it has been this year in Iowa and across most of the midwest, the last thing you would expect to see is tar spot. But, guess what Kelly found in his field?

00:00 I'm here today with my good friend Gail Stratman from F M C. We're out here in one of our fields where we're looking at the a trial, 00:06 and what we're specifically looking for is to see if we can hold back any tar spot pressure. We were over in the unapplied area behind the camera here, 00:14 and we found a couple lesions on a few different leaves. The, the pressure isn't bad yet, right. But we did find some pressure, uh, 00:21 and now we're over here in the applied area, the corn, uh, corn Sure. Could have used a drink like most of the Midwest this year. Yeah. 00:27 But the stay green is good. The plant health is as good as we hope for. Uh, Gail, what do you think? Yeah, 00:32 I mean, uh, the, you can definitely see the stay green in it. Uh, you can definitely, the, the benefits of that fungicide here late in the season, 00:39 like I said, it could use a drink, but we're seeing that greenness clear down, deep into the canopy. Um, our Huss color is good yet. Um, 00:46 so it's retaining the moisture, retaining the plant health, and it's gonna finish strong. 00:50 We're trying to take advantage of those three modes of action We've got in a DA from, uh, from a strobe, as well as a triazole and an SS d H Hot. 00:56 All three of those are really working on the, on the disease control as well as contributing to the plant health. So hopefully we get some good results outta this drop. 01:03 Yeah. The years are filled out to the tip. You know, I, I'd like to say that the kernels will probably be a little deeper if it had a drink, but the years are filled out to the tip. 01:11 I think we have the appropriate population. The plant health is good. Evans and Wind Grove, of course, have got all the trial information in. 01:17 So when we combine it, we're gonna know pretty quickly whether or not we have a positive r o i from the aro. And we'll be excited to share that with everyone. I.

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