Hitting The Protection Window
6 Sep 226 min 45 sec

Kevin made a mistake.  He sprayed Veltyma fungicide too late on one side of the field, and it did not stop the Northern Leaf Blight from killing the crop.  He uses the opportunity to show first hand the importance of 4th quarter crop protection on plant health and ear size.

00:00 Extreme mag filter Port here. Today. We're in North Carolina and the Yadkin River Valley, Piedmont, North Carolina. We're we're known for diseases here gray 00:09 leaf spots every year thing. It can be really bad. Northern Leaf flight can be bad this year. A 00:15 lot of folks are seeing their corn dry down much like this you see here in the picture and they're thinking it's natural, but I can just I just want to show you this today. I got 00:24 two varieties here side by side same plant date both of them the same maturity with actually, this is a 114 and that's a 00:33 13. Know what's in your field get out and look most guys. It's too late. We've waited too late. But this Northern Leaf light is real 00:45 bad. This year you can see it on this corn. cigar shaped formulation right there a little bit of gray in here that stays between the veins that crosses 00:56 and cigar form all over we're always up in the top of the plant as you look in the tops of these plants. 01:04 You can see right here. It's already crispy up in here. This is bad. This is cost us some money this year. Well, this did have Bell team 01:15 on it at 10 ounces an acre, but I will tell you it's put on too late. The disease had done progressed up above the year. My spray 01:23 guys. My Scouts was scouting. They scouted the field here to Malaya all this is in one field. They didn't realize they was too varieties on this 01:32 farm and the one on the left look good. So they put normal spray time had we realized this side was as bad as it was we 01:41 would have expedited and move that up. So I don't care how good a fungicide you got time and is a very 01:47 very critical. This is pretty good corn too. It's some You know that I ain't nobody or corn and you think a lot of people's gonna have this in their crop. 01:58 They're gonna say well we you know, I got a pretty decent crop I done. Okay, you know the driveway that just hurt it. Well guys, this 02:04 ain't dry weather. This is disease right here. Now, we're gonna go right across the Waterway right here again. We're in 02:10 the same field nothing but a grass Waterway for raising control and we're gonna look at a different variety. That's both 02:16 the same maturity. We planted it all the same day. It's two different Planters running one planted this side one planted the other side and we're going to see the difference. 02:25 This is still decent corn, but I can promise it's gonna be light intest weight and I can't tell you and as accurate lost but I would say it's probably 20 30 02:34 percent yield loss compared to this beside it, but I'll do another report when we Harvest it and we're gonna see exactly what this is but these fungicide products 02:43 work when they're used properly. So we're gonna look at this over here that's used like it was supposed to be and how well it kept the northern Leaf light off this corn here. 02:54 So now we're on the other side of the Waterway. We do have some disease in this corn but look how green it is. 03:01 It's still very green very healthy, and we'll reach in here and just drive here right here is actually a plant that has just shows 03:11 you. The northern Zone here. See it's got Northern too, but we was able to stop it because the the 03:19 variety here actually held it off a little bit. So our timing was better and we're wanting to keep it 21 days. So why didn't we 03:28 go much earlier on this Friday? Well, we're thinking 21 to 30 days max is all we gonna get in our area 03:34 because we have such heavy disease pressure. So we tried to wait a little longer on this so my Scouts did a good job, but they just didn't realize 03:43 that that variety was right there. So we dropped the bucket there we make mistakes that's just part of farming but you 03:49 can see we protected that's the ear Leaf. We looked after we don't have it up here in the top. So there's your same style. There's your 03:59 Leaf right? Here's Right Above It the northern Leaf. Black. Lesions are here. We got it. But the beltema did a great job in stopping 04:08 it. So if you put it on at the right time, it works. It's a heck of a good product. 04:14 Now, let's see. What kind of ears we got in here. So I can tell you that's already a lot heavier here. It's gonna be higher moisture because this 04:30 corn really shouldn't be as far along as that over there. That's a pretty nice here. 04:38 Look at how much bigger than kernels are. So where's the carnival that other years that? 04:45 Okay, so This on my my right ear left. Is the corn that got sprayed late as it was the same day same day 04:59 from planting all that, but the problem was a disease come on this and earlier. Look at the colonel sizes. Look at how much more girth you got right here. That is 05:10 the fourth quarter of this life of the Corn plant. You've got to protect that fourth quarter this 05:16 right here. I messed up leaving the third quarter going to the fourth quarter. We did not get that herbicide. I mean that fungicide on at the 05:25 right time. Thank goodness. He's only about six acres like this and there's about 50 acres like this on this field, but that I mean, 05:34 you don't have to be real good to know which one's gonna be the one that you want to sell in your own Farm. 05:40 So, please Guys these are great products out there ladies. But if they're not used properly. 05:48 They're not going to perform as they're presented. But be in your Fields if your Fields is rapidly trying down and yes, 05:57 we've had it very high gdu accumulation this year across the US compared to other years, but if your fields are drying down very fast and 06:06 maybe some varieties ain't get in them fields and look for those lesions. I just showed you you're more likely going to find that you got Northern 06:15 Leaf blight here in the South. They're greatly spotting. Northern is gonna shut it down faster than gray leaf, but 06:21 we do have greatly Federal do that. Keep our own Southern and you guys at North I'm hearing more and more tails of tar spot moving further south. I don't know 06:30 much about tar spot. I hope I don't ever have to learn but get in your Fields use these products timely 06:36 use them when they're supposed to be y'all stay safe, and thank you, and I hope you learn something today.

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