High Yield-Low Cost Cotton
5 Apr 234 min 26 sec

Matt Miles talks about cotton seed selection, varieties, population and the lab trial he is conducting with



00:00 Hey there, we're coming at you from the aggro liquid Booth where my man Matt miles has his star because he's 00:06 a star but it's not Corner we're talking about today. We're talking about cotton you are doing a lab in conjunction with Agri 00:12 liquid in your property on your farm and McGee Arkansas. What do you want me doing? You're putting in a cotton lab and that's kind of cool because you're our only extreme AG farmer 00:21 that grows cop. Yeah, so we'll put in a lab. We'll have multiple replications of products agricult products going 00:27 on that particular field. We did that last year got real good results from it. They want to continue on with the same thing maybe with a little different twist to it. So 00:36 that that's that's what we're gonna go that this year. So talk about the lab you're doing and specifically seed selection. 00:42 I mean, we know it very little about cotton and frankly. I love when I come to your farm you talk about cotton. You told me Cotton's a crop it looks to die every day. 00:51 That's what your father told you. What are you doing? Do trial new things on this lab? Well as far 00:57 as the seed selection, you know. The most important thing to me is on Farm testing. So a variety that may work for just say Chad group 01:06 Continental Alabama may not work so good for me, you know further south. So always what we do is we 01:12 we try we do strip trials on our farm under our management practices and pick out the best variety at that point same thing with the populations. You know, why not 01:21 choose what populations gonna depend on what on Farm trials I've had in the past. So, you know, like we talk about soybean population something a lot more people can get their hands around. There's a lot more people familiar with 01:30 soybean acres and Kelly did his crazy thing you went from 35,000 seeds for acre to like 160,000. Are 01:36 you very anything like that is cotton. Can you get that crazy on God, you know not as crazy percentage wise because it's a lower population. So you're planting 1450,000 01:45 books will be oh 150,000 seeds. Oh soybeans. We're on Cotton. You're looking somewhere at the 45,000 35,000 range, 01:55 but what we have done still a big variations 25% variation, that's true. What we have done and in Cotton seeds about when you figure in 02:03 a tech fee and I was about $800 back. Okay, someone most highest seeds you plant. So we're able to do the same 02:09 things with cotton that we're doing with soybeans. So we used to an old days, you know, we'd plan somewhere around 45,000 seed 02:15 now, we're able to back that back. My high range right now would be 41,000 and we're steadily moving that down, you know, maybe 38 37,000. So 02:24 the same techniques that we're using in soybeans it's working in the car. So let's see it's going in the ground but still 02:30 getting as big or bigger yield because of the technology technological advancement. Yes that and and you know, we're learning just 02:36 like we're soybeans we get bread that plant out and branching out and put more bowls per plant which it will give me an opportunity to have a five block 02:45 Bowl instead of a full lock Bowl which is 20% more lent in that particular Bowl. So but the time you had all that together, you know, there's a point to be 02:54 on no return, you know, we get too low, but we haven't you know, we're at right now is what we think the best place to 03:00 Real quickly then also spacing 30 inch rows 15 inch rows house cotton go out. That's mostly cotton is 38 inch rows. And that's what these, you know, I'll talk 03:09 to people all the time if it wasn't for cotton on my farm. I would be a thirty each but with cotton cotton has to have a little bit more 03:15 room. So we're 38 inches for that which makes us have to say 38 inches for other crop. We're standing the aggro liquid Booth talking about your cotton lab. Why does aggro 03:24 liquid come into this what's there involvement? Well, they've got some unique products that we can use from from, you know, 03:30 microf500 pack Libre calcium, you know, Boron capitalize they've got all these different products that really shining 03:39 cot and kindness something that will really take a full year of Wells. So we've been putting foliers on Cotton back when we didn't put it on anything else. So agriculture has 03:48 a portfolio there and almost every product they have there is something that would be Advantage big takeaway 03:54 you're looking for Your low cost aren't we all I guess that's probably a high yield though cost nice and based on last year's test. 04:03 If it's any better last year, then we're gonna hit a home run got it. His name is Matt miles. He is on the Walk of Fame. Let's face it right here for corn, but that's not we're 04:12 talking about his lab with Agra Liquors gonna be in Cotton stay tuned. We'll give you the results at this 04:18 far been McGee, Arkansas until next time I'm Damian Maceo extreme egg.

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