10 Jul 231 min 30 sec

Here is an update on Heath's NCGA Yield Contest Corn.

00:00 Hey guys, Heath Ral, uh, Chesapeake, Virginia here with Extreme Ag. Um, we're here on one of my farms. It's about 300 acres. Uh, 00:09 it's near the great dismal Swamp. It is, uh, very black fertile ground. As a matter of fact, this farm used to, uh, have potato production on it. Um, as you can see, 00:22 the corn is absolutely beautiful. This farm probably hasn't had any corn put on it in probably 10 plus years. Uh, with that being said, we pushed a, 00:33 some high population on this farm along with some heavy fertility. Uh, 00:39 tomorrow we're coming in here with a airplane spraying some of David Jeweller's kryptonite and along with some more goodies. Um, so with that being said, uh, 00:48 you know, we are planning on putting, I'm thinking if nothing goes wrong, probably part of this farm will be and some of the N C G A, 00:58 um, yield contest. I'm hoping we, uh, push the population pretty heavy. Um, we haven't hardly missed a rain since we've planted our corn, 01:07 entire corn crop for that matter. And so far so good things are actually looking up to really beautiful. Um, like I said, everything seems to look good and, uh, 01:18 really happy to see the way the corn's turning out. So anyways, uh, stay tuned. We will talk with you soon. Thank you.