Herbicide Spray Mix Order

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22 Apr 232 min 46 secPremium Content

The order that herbicide and other ingredients are added into your spray tank has a direct relation to the effectiveness and overall performance of your application. Matt Swanson takes us through the updated mix order as he fills his spray tank. 

Always read and follow the information on all product labels when mixing different products.

Hey guys, Matt Swanson here with extreme AG decided to shoot a short video today. We got we were spraying this morning. We got rained out. We're gonna go back and finish our the last of our pre-emerge spring. For the beans we've planted the last few days. And I thought we would do a quick review while we got some time about our sprayer mixing order. So A lot of guys, you know when they get to spray in a lot of times they'll just mix and whatever orders convenient there is actually an order of that helps with keeping stuff from falling out and and making sure things kind of going in the right way so you don't get over concentrated. Now when I went to my first sprayer class that acronym was Wales, they've now actually changed that to add some more letters to it of course and the new one is awam Les. So basically what we're doing is we're adding our our quarter to three quarters of carrier solution. One of the new changes is they want you to add your AMS next. Okay. Now, this is just your pure AMS products not necessarily ones that contain your surfactants in it. So your powders your liquid AMS your fertilizer things like that, and then we're going to go with our Are powders and our dispersible granules things like this? Product and we're going to put those in our inductor cone. We're going to make a slurry out of them. Then you want to go back to your agitation. Okay? We want to mix those products together and then our next products will be. Our suspension. So whether that's a micro encapsulated suspension or suspension herbicide, I believe something like I think warrant is a suspension. And then we're going to go. to our liquids our soluble liquids our emulsions which are a lot of chemistry is an emulsion. And then our surfactants are last so on this particular mix. We've already run our carrier carrier and our AMS into our spray tank. We're about half full right now. We've already made a slurry of our dry powder. We're gonna run this in next and then the only other two products we have in this mix. Are our 24d? And our glyphosate blend so we're going to run those two products in. We're going to fill our tank course under agitation the entire time. And that's how that's our new mixing order. So if you have any questions as always find us on Facebook with extreme AG or find us in the in the member site there or core social media any other social media platform. Have a good one.