He Never Even Heard Of This Seed Before
26 Apr 231 min 29 sec

A couple of years ago, Mile Farms planted a few bags of


 Corn seed as a trial. They didn't expect much. Layne talks about their experience with Integra and what really surprised them.

00:00 Hey guys, Lane miles here. Something pretty cool today. You know, we're out here just planting corn like normal kind of like always and one cool 00:09 thing is seeing actual tests come to life and what I mean by that is is you know, we got our 20 acre plots or 40 acre plots 00:18 our labs this that yonder and it's always cool to see him come to life. So for a little two years ago, we were asked to plant a little bit of integrity. 00:29 Never even heard Integrity before. So we said yeah, we'll plant 12 bags. So get 12 bags in 00:37 and turns out to be pretty good corn. It was one of our top three top four varieties. Well, we thought okay without that might have been just 00:46 kind of a fluke. Well, we got 12 more bags last year Well is the top two variety? 00:52 Well, 25 acres, you know both years. You know we kind of were like, okay, maybe that was just because it was it was on real small acreage. Well 01:01 now it's time to put the put it to the big test. So we got 200 Acres of of it this year. It's been one of our top varieties for 01:09 two years. So it's time to put it on some big. You know Big Acres just like we do with every other variety or every other 01:15 test and anyway, so so we're able to find something kind of out of the box for us as far as seed varieties and you know, put it on Big 01:24 Acres.