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We've talked a lot about


 in Corn and Beans, but Chad is trying something a little different by utilizing it in his wheat crop. The results are not in yet, but here is what he likes so far.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme mag. And right now we're gonna talk about source. So we put Source on a wheat field, you know, 00:06 we hear about sourcing the corn, you know, they're really pushing it hard on that but we've got Source on this wheat the things that we seen so 00:12 far on sources this compatibility. It seems to be mixing with about anything that I want to throw at it. We hadn't had any issues at all with it. The 00:21 next thing is low use rate man. It's been a good you know that three quarters to one ounce. And it's a low use rate now with Chad. Y'all know 00:30 me. This is not good. Like I'm not I'm not into anything as low use rate but as that was a joke disclaimer right 00:36 there involved but um, no, the low use rate is is on point guys. That's gonna work out nice. So what we've done is we come out here in this wheat field 00:45 and we put it's got around and a half with I know you say a half but run out come back. It wasn't really as much as I thought but we've got a hundred twenty foot. 00:54 We skip got a check got another 120 foot and we'll just pull the chicks from the other end of the field. So that's what we got going. But this Source Products gonna be 01:03 good will we have introduction this year? Not on the wheat? We won't we just didn't know we was kind of far enough in it wouldn't really planning to start with the do it 01:12 in the week. I'm like man, we need to try this week. It kind of gives me a half half a season Head Start If you will on stuff 01:18 I do with corn, you know, grass crop for grass crop. I do a lot of playing in the week, you know, it's not the same but some things they do react the same so, 01:27 That being said there will be no end reduction on the wheat this time far as that goes but we're looking forward to moving the definitely have the introduction and all 01:36 in the corn side of it when we spray it on and that'll be sprayed on it herbicide. 01:40 But this was applied at the flagley stage. So it'll be a simple procedure of applying there won't be any extra passes look like it's gonna 01:49 work work real well to apply at that stage. So we're looking forward to this Source product using it more in the wheat field, you know, and I'll 01:58 have more more data coming later. We're about five or six maybe seven days away from our tissue sample. So we'll have a tissue sample when we get the tissue sample. I'll 02:07 be glad to share that back. We all we'll make a video on that and we'll have a tissue sample coming live and and that we will 02:13 know at least where we headed but you know, obviously, you know, don't get me going on tissue samples about where I'll be but 02:19 Yield is what we're doing. So, let's see if it makes any more yield on this week and then we'll look into next year pulling that 02:25 introduction back and let's see where we go from there. Y'all stay tuned Source wheat? Here we 02:31 go.

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