He Did It Johnny's Way
12 Jun 232 min 5 sec

Temple Rhodes is always up for trying something new, so when he saw

Johnny Verell Side-Dressing

 with his sprayer, he said #SendIt.

00:00 Well Johnny Verell, I hope you're right cuz here I am, I'm out here in this field and uh, I took your advice and I'm gonna try it your way. 00:11 I talked to a bunch of guys around here and they all told me that I'm absolutely crazy. I shouldn't do that. Uh, I'm gonna burn corn up. 00:18 I said Well if Johnny's getting away with it, I think I can try it at least. So I put a hundred acre load in there and we're gonna try a hundred acres. 00:25 I'm gonna let it sit a couple days and if it burns me up bad I might not go back to it. But if by Monday or Tuesday it don't look burn up, I'm gonna send it. 00:35 I mean flat send it. So we got a haggy out here. Um, it's my nephew's haggy and uh, we got the brooms running low and it's laying it right in there in between the 00:45 row on 30 inch rows. We set it on 30 inch spacing and it's doing a really good job. Um, I'd be surprised if any of it's burn up. 00:54 I'm not running quite as high rates as what um, Johnny was in his video. I'm running a little bit lower rates and we're running a little bit higher rates 01:01 of like C Cat to try to buffer that load a little bit. So what we did in this application, you know, to try to copy what Johnny Re's doing is we use the six stream 01:13 nozzle tips from, I call 'em streamers from Pan Air. So when using them they got like 110 degree angle kind of comes out like a shower head. 01:22 So we need to hold that boom a little bit lower to the ground so I can get less on the plant cuz I'm really not trying to get any on the plant. And Johnny, he, 01:30 he's not getting hardly any burn. He sent me a video the other day and it's not getting hardly any burn, but I didn't wanna, I'm too scared of it. 01:40 So I'm trying to get the booms load to the ground and it's laying six streams right in between the row and it's leaving like a little four or five inch gap in 01:48 between the corn plant. So I'm fairly comfortable with that as of right now, you know, we'll see. It looks like it's doing a good job, but man, 01:57 I hope you ain't wrong Johnny. I'll see you later buddy.

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