Happy Thanksgiving! Another Harvest for Uncle Rob
23 Nov 235 min 44 sec

Thanksgiving is about family, so Kevin decided to make sure that health problems did not cause his Uncle Rob to miss another harvest.

00:01 You know, we get busy, everything goes good, but sometimes you just need to take time and look after those who help mold you into, into 00:08 what you are today, holder reckon. But, uh, my father and my uncle, my grandparents always think a lot of them appreciate all land. 00:24 Uncle's had a rough year this year, so, uh, ain't nothing he's better to do. Pick one out in the combine. 00:30 It's be 81 here in a few days and he's been in the hospital about three months this year since planting season. 00:36 And uh, he can't climb into the combine. So we're gonna put him in here. We if get out there about the history of this farm 00:46 and uh, the four Uncle Rob in here. We're picking corn on the Williams Farm. How many years we been farming this farm, Rob? All my life. 01:22 You'll be 81 and four days, won't you? Yep. Would you ever dream your son would be having to use a thousand bushel cart 01:31 to tow the corn away from a combine? So you said earlier you started with a six 20 with a two row picker. 01:40 Yep. And you had a, a thrasher on the back of it. So that would be combine cellar on it. Would you ever dream you'd be picking 24 rows? 01:52 Well, much less. Would you have thought we'd be running a German machine on our farm? 01:57 No. Well, we're picking this 232 bushels right here where we at racing grounded out areas in the field. But daddy, my granddaddy, so he went to Illinois 02:09 and got started, got him some money, come home and went to farming full time. 30. Yeah. 02:35 Turning the cultivator two row cultivator. This current $2,000. They bought all that for $2,000. 02:48 Well you don't even, you know what this machine cost us? That's a million dollars with a header in the combine. 02:53 That's, you can't even buy a tractor now. No. So you went from that two row picker, then you, what did you do after that? 03:03 Well, got a 45 pound combine, then we got a 55. Was that in the corn special? Yeah. What made it a corn special? I dunno. That's a good call. 03:20 Yeah, it's a good job. Got 66 and 77 of it. Now you had the first four wheel drive 7,700 sold on this part of the United States according to John Deere. 03:40 I dunno, it was four wheel drive. Yep. That combine had 14,000 irons on it when it left here. Did you realize it had that many irons on it? 03:50 No, I didn't know how many it had. Well that's because you made me crawl up in it and weld the thing back together. 03:55 All that's how I learned how to weld on that combine. Then you went from the 7,700 to you and I went, went in, 04:04 we got us a 77 20 Titan two fixed it up. Probably one of the better combines we ever had. That was a good one. And then we got a 9,600. 04:14 When you look at all your combines, what was the biggest change you've seen improvement wise? You, you feel like going from the 55 to the 6,600 04:25 or seven, that was what you think about having Danielle out here as a fourth generation and hopefully Tim will be back. 04:42 She can get it done, can't she? Yeah, she ain't scared anyways. I feel sorry for her husband though, don't you? 04:53 Oh well I ain't, well you've been in the hospital about three months this year. Off and on altogether. Yeah. 05:06 Never thought we'd get you back in the combine at one time, did we? Well, one time. Yeah. 05:15 The good Lord had other plans for you. So you got one more harvest stand anyway. Yeah, now you gotta be here 05:22 for the grand great grandchild to come. I hope so. Reckon you and Miss Harold can spoil it. 05:33 Oh.

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