Hands-On Review: Fendt's Steering Wheel-Free Combine - A Joystick-Controlled Revolution
13 Dec 231 min 51 sec

Lee explores the unique joystick-controlled steering system in the Fendt IDEAL 8T combine he is trialing. Beyond the cool factor of living out his fighter-pilot dreams, Lee finds out if the system lives up to its hype.

00:00 Hey everybody, it's Lee Luber, the Extreme Ag with another feature update on the Ideal a t. Uh, one of the things I'm really enjoying is Ideal drive. 00:10 Uh, it's exclusive to them and them only, uh, on my left hand, I'm running a small joystick and it does steering 00:19 and it doesn't do it the way you would actually think it is. Everything else I've ever been around with two tracks 00:25 or everybody else in the industry. When you steer, when you do it on the steering side, you're actually pulling or pushing on one track, reducing 00:35 or increasing, which that makes for a rougher ride. Takes power, uh, gets you in trouble around mud holes that can pull you into 'em with Ideal. 00:46 The a t they went and the joystick is strictly for rear axle steering. So the tracks are propulsion, which is ran 00:55 with your right joystick, so that way you keep full powerful traction and improve your ride. 01:01 There's no steering wheel, so I have a complete total panoramic view, uh, best view of a corn hit I've ever had in my life. 01:09 I can see everything and I kick my feet up. I can do anything I want, uh, tons of leg room, uh, tons of cab room. 01:16 It really improves the room. You can stretch your legs in. You can sit back and relax with the steering wheel. 01:22 You're always leaned over. You're grabbing at the wheel, hands on the wheel. Even with auto steer, you got your hands up there. 01:28 You're always leaning. You naturally lean forward with the ideal drive. I, I kick back and relax. 01:35 It's like having a lazy boy in the field, a laz boy in the field while you're flying through the field like a jet doing 01:41 what I always want to do as a kid. I want to fly to the field. It's pretty cool.

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