Gonna Try To Make Something Happen
12 Sep 220 min 52 sec

Chad breaks down the product mix for his last foliar pass on his AgroLiquid soybean trial plot. It includes a pretty big shot of K.

00:00 hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and boiler day again Right now we're on Agri liquid products. So, you 00:08 know, we do several these and this is on double crop soybean again for the most part. I think a lot of times we run out 00:14 of daylight. but we're gonna try to make something happen. So this our second application. First one was that our fee stages. We putting 00:22 in the pool that they got we're putting in this vertebrain. And we're putting this in hands. We're also putting in a pretty 00:30 good shot of capitalized to the tune about three gallons. These are the products we're going to use today. We'll see what they do. We'll have a check. 00:38 A first round and then a second round so we'll be able to see kind of which application fits one makes money one don't. 00:46 so we'll keep you posted.

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