Going On A Liquid Diet
5 May 231 min 45 sec

Chad breaks down why he implements a program of reallocation and puts some fields on a full liquid diet as he mixes up some Nachurs trials.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme egg. We do a little mixing today. So what we're doing is we're staging these toasts. We got a 00:06 little shower rain. So we're staging these totes and the next one of the next trials I'm gonna do is one for Tommy at natures. And 00:12 when we're we've done a reallocation deal last year, we're gonna do it again this year and we're getting those toast mixed up. 00:18 We'll have one program on a tuba two and in Furrow that reallocates the money from dry fertilizer and we'll drive fertilize, you know, part of the field and then reallocate this the other 00:27 part of the field and give y'all the results. That's what we do here at extreme egg. So we're doing a little mixing day. I just got 00:33 to pick from one of the several toasts that I got and you know, Tommy give me a recipe, you know this real good, but we might need to add a 00:39 little something to it maybe like that tote and that tote but now we'll stick pretty close to recipe on this one and in the 00:45 next one out that I so some of the reason we do this real education is there will be times that I'll have a farm that I won't be coming back to next 00:54 year or they're gonna put in houses in the next two or three years, you know hurt me talk about this, but what we'll do is we'll start 01:00 Using it put your own liquid diet as I call it. So we're building these programs for those kind of farms where we'll come 01:06 in there and we'll just use all liquid materials and in the inferrow and tuba two and in the herbicide application, we'll 01:12 put fertility anything and that's kind of why we're doing this, you know what there's people that don't understand what we're doing and 01:18 it's because of housing developments or shopping centers or other things that's going on, you know, so we build these programs 01:24 and then we know that we can spend, you know, we may be spending 40 or 50 or 60 books on the planter load which is a you know fair amount, but that way it gets us where we're not spending 01:33 or 90 in dry fertility that we may not get back in the upcoming years because they'll steadily building houses owner putting 01:39 roads on it or or putting concrete on it.

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