31 Jul 232 min 49 sec

Matt and Layne are conducting a trial with Stoller to boost up some corn that is having some trouble.  They talk about the "exercise" program they are running for corn.

00:00 So guys, we're here today in our Stoler plot. Uhto is a new partner. We, we, we've started working with this year. Um, you know, it's a, 00:07 it's a proven company. Uhto was doing this and we didn't even know what, you know, extra products were. So, uh, 00:14 I'm gonna let Lane tell you exactly what's on this, on this plot here and, and explain to you why we put the plot specifically here. 00:22 When talking with Steve, kind of figuring up our programs and stuff like that, Steve really emphasized that some of the things we're using are to help trouble 00:30 corn and really, really kind of boost up a corn plant that probably wouldn't do so good. Boost it up, kind of, kind of rehabbed a little bit. Um, so on 00:41 The weight exercise program, Weight exercise program, back massage, you know, kind of, what do they call it? A, a, uh, sweetest massage. We got a stolen massage. Gotcha. Stolen massage. 00:50 Stolen massage. So anyways, uh, we chose these fields. This is some of our replant and with what Steve said, you know, just trying to make a trouble field better. We chose to do it here. 01:02 So around the V five, which is winter, where we come out, come out with herbicide, we were able to piggyback, uh, 01:07 we put out a four to five stimulant yield, enhancer plus and harvest plus. Just now at R three is where we're now three, 01:14 we put out ex excite and sugar mover Premier. Again, these, these are Just piggyback. I mean, s still piggyback with our fungicide. Yes, these, these 01:23 Are piggybacks. Everything gets a free ride. There's, there's the cool thing about a lot of, a lot of what we do, not just stolen just with anybody is, 01:32 is trying to make it more applicable for the farmer. Farmer Efficient. Farmer efficient. 01:37 So that's kinda the stuff we've done here and why we've done it. And it looks pretty good. 01:41 Yeah. Yeah. We, we pulled the, the checks and we've also pulled the other, you know, as far as the, the rows and the rounds right now, you know, 01:48 when you're looking at R three corn, depending on which ear you pull, is what you're gonna find. You can find good and bad in each one. So, you know, 01:55 we can make it look better, we can make it look worse, we can make it look the same. Uh, you know, we'll be able to definitely tell you when the combine goes through. 02:02 We have everything. Lane has everything mapped, uh, recorded. So, you know, plots for us are really easy to do based on the fact that, that, you know, 02:10 he has all this technology that he uses and sometimes I don't even know what buttons to push, but that's a whole nother video in itself. But, uh, 02:18 we think we've got some good stuff going on here. Our crop book's really good for this to be replanted Corn. I'm very well satisfied with it. Uh, it was planted late April. 02:27 He was to the point that we were deciding whether it was too late in the Delta to plant or not, and, uh, went ahead and put it in. So I'm, 02:33 I'm really glad we did what we did and we'll see what the results are. Too late in the Delta to plant. Come on. You probably saw 'em like a month ago. 02:41 Well, I wasn't gonna bring that up yet. That's another video too.

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