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17 Apr 233 min 25 sec

Kevin talks about the AgroLiquid products he will be applying to his soybeans and corn crop in preparation for his field day later this year.

00:00 Got extreme AG report here. We're right here in the warehouse. I hope you got all your products in the warehouse ready to go agler liquids 00:07 is done a great job getting these down here. We're gonna have a about 135 Acres of research plots of corn 00:13 and soybeans under drip irrigation. Be subsurface drip with netifam. It'll be in a no-till environment. The corn will 00:22 be going behind the following the previous soybean crop. The soybeans will be going behind the previous corn crop. So we 00:28 we've got barley as a Cover crop it so that would be terminating this week and hopefully in the next 10 days we'll be 00:37 getting this Agri liquids product in the ground. So what are we doing here? And why are we even using agric liquids? There's a 00:43 lot of great companies out there and a lot of great products. No question about it. I do like how we sense the soil samples to 00:49 the team at agric liquids and they developed exactly what their guidelines are. So this is a premix products. I ain't got no jugs the fool 00:58 with on this I ain't got a bunch of different totes that's already mixed. It's ready to go in the planter and what we 01:04 have here. We've got Pro germinator. We got capitalized. We got micro 1000. We've got 01:13 a liberate calcium and we got some 4% iron here. These are things that we're kind of problem areas that we show deficiencies in our 01:22 souls and but the iron we don't really have deficiencies in our souls, but we have it in our tissue samples. So they're looking 01:31 at program and trying to get that right now. We're going to move over here and we got soybeans and this other tote and I will tell you a little bit about 01:40 it as we've got capitalized. and liberate calcium in there for soybeans and then we've got a bunch of other products that's in 01:52 them two and a half gallon by two or two and a half by twos is what you would call it and those products we will be putting in and out of these products to 02:01 see if it's something that we can make a combination product like this right here out of for next year and we just 02:07 got to figure out if there's going to be Roi so this will have a field day here Agri liquids is the fertility company on the field day. It 02:16 will be the second Thursday of August. Will you know if you live locally around here if you extreme AG member want to come just send us an email get register. 02:28 We want to make sure we have enough food and and able to accommodate everybody and generally it's you know hundred fifty two hundred and thirty maybe 240 people there. 02:37 So that's a lot of people we want to make sure everybody gets fed. Well, but it's gonna be educational. We're not we're gonna 02:43 be looking at some varieties but more than anything we're going to be talking about how to manage your 02:49 souls on your fertility your seed and then your herbicide more so than in the past where we focus more on variety. So we're really 02:58 looking forward to that. It's going to be a lot of learning and a lot of good opportunities to see these Agra liquids products 03:04 in action and we'll just see if they gonna pass or fail I hopefully I hope they'll shine. Well, like they did last year and the year before that, you know 03:13 is 375 bushels with our product and I tell you what has a pretty fun picking right there. Y'all stay safe.

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