Getting Ready for Next Spring
21 Sep 222 min 13 sec

Temple has a heavy residue issue that if left unchecked will interfere with planter performance, emergence and stand next spring. Here is what he plans to do about it.

00:00 Hey everybody Temple Rose from extreme mag. I'm gonna take a few seconds because I got a little bit of time see my service truck. Yep. I'm broke down. I'm waiting on parts. So 00:09 I'm gonna take a couple minutes. I'm gonna talk to you guys about something. So what we're not thinking about is getting ready 00:15 for next spring this fall. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna start getting ready. I'm gonna tell you exactly what we're doing. We've had it in test we've done tremend we've had 00:24 tremendous results with it. We're going to try to break down this residue this fall. So let me turn the 00:30 camera around I'll show you the kind of residue we're talking about Right here this we run a chopping corn head 00:36 and just look at the amount of residue that you kick up here on the ground. Well, I'm trying to break that down. 00:43 So let me turn my camera back around. There we go. Do so we were having a lot of problems with in 00:55 the spring having to deal with that residue. We have a lot of problems in the fall dealing with that residue. We playing a lot of winter wheat, it's hard 01:04 to deal with all this residue and to get back rid of it and but not only get rid of it but to get it back into the ground. 01:10 Do we want to get it back in the soil structure? Absolutely. How quick does it happen not very fast takes three 01:16 to five years to get some of it back. But can we speed it up? We're gonna fit we're gonna find that out for you. We did it last year. We saw it. It 01:25 was tremendous. We're gonna do a bunch of tests with it this year. We're using this year. We're using red cycle. It's a fairly new product from integrated egg. 01:34 We're going to use some humics. We're going to use some sugars and we're going to use about five to 10 gallons of uan. We're 01:40 gonna put it out with about 20 gallons of water and we're gonna blow it on this ground. And when we do that, it's gonna immediately go to work. We're gonna feed those 01:49 Probes with the humans and sugars. We're going to speed up this process and by speeding up that process we're going to get as much growth of the 01:58 microbes that the activity in that ground on that stove as we possibly can before winter sets in and everything starts a good dormant. So be back 02:07 to you soon. Stay tuned guys.

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