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14 Aug 224 min 36 secPremium Content

Chad was inspired by a member question last week about what he needs to do to get over the wall that he feels he has hit and push higher yields. He lends his thoughts on what to look at when pushing yields.

Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and we got a question from old Dustin Parks up here in Illinois. And you know, he made a comment said she had said he'd like to farm up here in these soils and I would but the truth be known we're gonna start out right from the front truth be known Dustin. I can learn so much from y'all up there that it wouldn't even be funny, you know, so but but you know, you talk about your yoga was 230 bushel or not. You'll go but you seem to cap out at 230 bushel and on corn and 78 bushel beans, which is awesome. You know, and those are good. Those are good, you know, those are good yields and we got can't forget that you know, but we won't that is the first wall, you know, here we talk about these walls and I'd like to know more about you know, what do you have infer do we have to how many passes are we making? There's a lot of details, you know that I'd like to know more about Dustin so it's not like I can take or Kevin or Kelly or Matt or Lee can take you to the next you'll go. Just us trying to make you think outside the box enough that you take yourself to the next you'll go and and that's what that's what we're trying to do here. So we want to know more about it, but there's definitely a lot of things that you can do, you know, if you have infer we're definitely need to focus on stress mitigation last couple years. You'll hear Kelly talk about a lot, you know, the stress mitigation. We don't even know what a stress-free plant looks like. So we need to look at stress mitigation. We definitely need look at these products according to who you're dealing with whereas Natures or agric liquid or AG Explorer or you know, something with neutral charge. I mean, there's a lot of things we can put into fur that are opening up this, you know, the neutral charge which is phosphorous availability or or you know other things for Maggie explore. There's things that we can do here. There's things supposed to touches sea cat that we can put in to make this stuff more available. So that's the first step, you know in getting above our you go because that's gonna get our roads around And gonna take us gonna make sure we get that plan up and out of the ground and we get to most even emergent we can I'd like to know what kind of planner you're using. I'd like know what kind of competitions you planting in because we're gonna get over at 2:30 and we're going to fifty two sixty two seventy two, eighty. We're gonna need to make a lot of things as best as we can when we talk about emergence and plant health and vigor but we'll start with in first stuff. Then we're gonna go into the tuba too gonna see how you address that if you don't have either one of those we're gonna talk about how you can get those on your planner and then we're gonna talk about the side dress applications how soon they are what you're using with those side dress applications and we're gonna start trying to move those forward or backwards to see if we're making a dip in the tissue samples. See if we don't need move them back we made to make two instead of one, but I know the one thing that I learned when I went to half these up there years ago, And started working up there is when I got in that deeper soul. I wasn't used to things responding the way they did when we got here in Alabama or you take Matt miles or or some of us to take Kevin over there or see Caesar so low, we just put it out there and it's like running through a screen door we run right in you know, and that's not the case where you're at. So we got to think about how much how long it takes and we have irrigation and you don't maybe so we got think about the things it takes to get your nutrients down into the profile to where it's picking it up. You know, if we think we need to why drop today. Well, maybe we're 10 days late because of the sea sees your soul. So those are things you know that I learned at hefty's when when they brought me up there like man you treat this like you don't show up for two weeks where we're used to showing up in two or three days if we get it, right so, you know, just just keep those things in mind. You know, I'm all about trying to get over a year ago, you know, but just be ready, you know, we might we might mess up some corn, but I'm just messing we We met Miss we probably gonna mess up some gold but you don't ever know that you try Dustin. Thanks for the questions. Thank you members for all you do to make us say thanks for helping us with extreme AG. Thanks for being a part of this group. I mean we can't do this without y'all. We need more members. We need more people because we're building that database for all of us. Y'all don't forget that this is a big deal. We're gonna make this family deal and make sure that we're all getting over our yield goes together. So stay tuned. Stay with extreme mag. Stay strong. Stay safe on the harvest season. Good luck y'all.

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