Getting More Yield out of Double-Crop Beans
22 Jul 231 min 14 sec

It's not easy to push yield on double-crop beans as they are planted later than full-season beans. Chad talks about one product he is trying to help push yield when planting into wheat.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson from Extreme Ag and we're out here doing a little spraying, a little herbicide spraying this evening. 00:06 And what we're trying to do here is, so one, we're trying to clean up these, you know, 00:11 a little bit of wheat that we got coming up and some grass crab grass in these double crop beans. And also, you know, 00:16 we're up against the deadline on the Virginia spraying, you know, and it's the end of the month here. 00:20 So we're trying to get that outta the way in front of the deadline. So we got that going on. Well, 00:25 the next thing we're working on here with these double crops, you know, I'm always focusing on these, 00:29 trying to make a little more yield of them because it's really hard to do. Like we run out of time with them, um, 00:34 because of the late lateness of how they're planted and we're trying to smoke around and figure out how to get by that. 00:40 So one now is this product called excavator. That's the one we're trying to work with right now. And we've got a couple of these we're working on, 00:46 but it's on managing this residue. So if we can get this residue broke down and get some of this fertility back, the soil quicker to come in here, 00:54 in that R 4 5, 6 range on these double crop beans, maybe it'll gimme a little bump. So that's what we're gonna be working on this year, is a couple, 01:02 two or three different products trying to get the residue broke down. And we'll keep you posted on that and we'll see what goes on with it.

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