Getting More Out of Your Manure
17 Oct 2211 min 45 sec

Getting more out of your fertilizer is key for farmers like Temple Rhodes. He talks with Damian, Robb Dedman and Bryan Evans about a new product from Agrotech USA that is designed to get more out of chicken litter.

00:00 Hey, we're talking about fertilizer sources Beyond just the stuff you go and buy at your AG retail that we're talking about manure and we're talking about how to make it more 00:09 readily available the resources within that manure that is to your plants. You know, what we've been using manure for fertilizer since the 00:19 first, you know domestication of livestock. It's amazing. It works great. When I was a kid. We're not spread manure all the time. We were very Farmers 00:25 you are telling me though. Rob is big on this subject that maybe we're not getting as much bang for a buck out of that fertilizer source and that matters 00:34 because we're in a very elevated fertilizer price environment right now. So what are you tell me that you use chicken liter down there at miles today and you 00:43 discovered that there's a way to make that chicken litter more valuable than just what it is. Tell me how yeah, absolutely. So 00:49 working with the guys at agitate USA. They've got a product called try you and they're using trying and applying it to the chicken later. It's 00:58 been able to help us get more. or utilization from the manures Each year, so we're getting a bigger bang for that buck. Like 01:06 you said with the increased price. We're looking for ways to get more out of that. We're trying to make that dollar go father simple. You're an Eastern 01:12 Shore Maryland. You have a small beef operation. That's not gonna be enough Miner to cover your acres. Do you buy chicken litter? Yeah, 01:18 there's tons of chickens in the Delmarva Del Marvis top three and poetry producers in the United States. So in our area, there's a 01:27 lot of chicken manure that's been put out. So you and you buy it as a fertilizer source and you think it's good 01:33 now if we have this product and the promise of this product is it makes the nutrients more readily available we found is is over the years when we 01:42 spread chicken litter. Yeah. There's a there's a bang for your buck that year but really you don't see it until three or 01:48 four years out because it takes so long for the biology the soul to break that product down. So it's really available. This is a way that you can 01:57 spray the spread it on the product whether you spread it in the field. Yeah, put it on with 20 gallons of water. We just 02:03 Here and apply it on the on the manure that you can turn that around and now I don't have to worry about three or four years out. Now I can get immediate 02:12 return. That's a pretty big deal Bradley your your product your company makes this product. All right, the old days we knew we went out and spread manure. 02:21 Usually the fields closest to the barn or the ones that really got it good because it's easier. All right. So now it's become it's 02:27 poultry operations are great big. It's not uncommon that folks this year fertilizer prices were so high. You 02:33 couldn't get chicken litter in my part of the world, but Your stuff makes it better. Tell me how 02:40 without getting into Too Much Chemistry Our product it makes product phosphates more available. It makes keeps the 02:51 nitrogen available instead of a lot of manures the chicken hog. They volatilize off. The nitrogen does is ammonia 03:00 we keep that in the ammonium form. So it's readily available to the plant and I'm sorry. I talked with my hands a lot. So yeah for the 03:10 people that are listening when they're driven Road, they don't see that. Okay. All right, so and so here's the big question so you on a 03:17 chicken litter thing. It's a dry product. It comes out, you know don't trucks and then it gets fling down over the field. How do I how do 03:23 I treat it? Like do I feed the chicken something so that their poop comes out with this coating on? Oh, no, it's not you. It's a 03:30 nice idea. Yeah. Well we thought about that. We that's a lot of money in registration. All right, how do we work this work? This product will be coated or sprayed 03:39 either on the chicken litter. It can be a couple ways it can. Is it's coming out of the barn they can spray it on the 03:48 conveyor going up into the hip spreader. It can be sprayed with a an applicator with just our product and water over the litter 03:57 as the field is the benefit Rob that it makes that fertilizer more breakdownable immediately or that it gives me longevity with that resource 04:06 or both. I'm gonna call it both, you know, we look at other products by Agro tag and and we've seen through tissue sampling that using 04:15 their products from you know example this year in Corner Bakery start using tissue sampling it particular field and trial at 04:24 V3 every week day 3 we maintain the heart concentration in that plan where their products were used. Okay, so I'm saying about longevity. 04:38 Direction all right patient. Let's talk about livestock Beyond chicken litter. You know, what a lot Dairy great big manure lagoons hog facilities, 04:47 you know, they either use pits or big lagoons. What are we talking about? Then with a product one of these to make that lots of water? Yeah. There's a lot of water in 04:57 livestock and Earth these modern facilities. What are we treating? And how do we do it? And what's it do well, 05:03 Our specialist in this unfortunately give you the whole rundown rundown on probably more me though. He wouldn't bore you all guarantee. He's that 05:12 be the last thing about him, but the easiest way very simple not real fancy. Just getting the 05:21 PVC pipe and pouring the product down into the Lagoon and you'll have a tremendous reaction with our product and the manure 05:30 you've got ph's that are quite a ways apart. So you got to reaction and this will go on throughout the whole season with this product. I've gone down the jug of your stuff in a 05:39 Two acre Lagoon and it didn't well handles it. You're gonna be looking at a two acre of several million gallon Lagoon. You'd probably be 05:48 looking at anywhere from 1 to 200 gallons of that product and then it it starts the process of doing what at that point when it goes into it starts, 05:57 you know, a lot of the there's multiple reasons these people use this but oftentimes they're lagoons are filling up with solids. Yep, 06:05 they pump it out. They're pumping out a lot of water. Our product literally goes down to the bottom and it'll start 06:11 to release that those solids and bringing them up to the top and breaking them down the five 06:17 notice the way you impacted me. I started moving my hands as well to sort of demonstrate that Temple to follower we get into where 06:26 we're smarter about saying, hey, you know, we always did this and now we're doing it and getting twice the bang for our buck. 06:35 You know, we're we're like, hey, we always did this, you know, you never you're not old enough to remember when we didn't fertilize who 06:41 you know when we didn't use manure as a resource, but now we're like, oh we're doing it better is this new is this a 06:50 new horizon kind of like soil biology? That's what's so exciting about some of these products. It's coming from all these different companies what's 06:56 exciting about it is is we are figuring things. And this is what we're passing on to our next Generation, you know, what passed on to our generation was extreme work ethic, you 07:06 know, and yeah and being hungry for knowledge and my next Generations that are coming behind us. They're even hungrier for knowledge and we're starting 07:15 to learn all these things and become an extremely efficient and we're like at The Cutting Edge. We're right on the outside edge 07:21 all the time and we're learning that next thing and this is just the next thing he was talking extreme extreme extremely almost like he's tying into our name 07:30 extreme man. He was right answer me answer me this thing you're seeing results and you believe in 07:36 this is minervic coming bigger part of the inputs at Miles Farms because of the ability we can get more bang for it manure will become a even bigger 07:46 part. It's already a large part. It's gonna become an even bigger part. You're gonna be bringing in more tomorrow. Sure. Yeah, you 07:52 know right now we use Maneuvers as a base foundation for fertilizers as our fertility program. 07:59 now my goal because of the products that they brought to us to try to 100% convert our 08:08 you know fertility program to as much manure as we possibly can guys. This is pretty exciting stuff just on 08:14 a it maybe you can't do it. Am I getting 20% more nutritive value? Am I getting 10% more nutritive value my getting 30% What's 08:20 your prediction here on this right you on the again speaking of the phosphates you you could be easily increasing that in manure by 08:29 upwards of 50% It's a myth. That's all that's all guys. Yeah, 50% more availability. Yeah, that's you then. We're not need to buy you don't need to 08:42 buy any we don't need to buy any commercial people never saw before. That's right that you could get there. Yeah. Yeah, and another 08:50 thing make might say our product is the only not really pitching it but the fact is University proven. Only product that will 09:00 allow phosphate to migrate most Maps. That's all these you can get a quartered an inch and maybe maximum a half inch this product 09:09 we have had it it's tested the migrate for Prospect migrate upwards of six inches in a season which is helps in 09:18 that manure tremendously or anything broadcast. It gets it down last question because we always have to go this way because we're here to help people make money because farming 09:27 is a business tell me about the economics of this Temple or what's your what is your experience? So, you 09:33 know with try in the return on investments there, we're early in the use of it, but I can tell you right now that it's gonna have a big one 09:42 that that's a better question probably for Brian. This is not a tremendously expensive application program. I mean, no you're dumping you're dumping 09:51 a product into manure. Yeah. Okay. Well that seems simple but the product itself still costs you're Justify, how much you charge aren't you? Yeah, because I'm 10:00 trying to whittle you down right now and you're trying I don't back to just like we do other products. Let's go back to cost per acre. Yeah. Let's go back to cost per 10:09 return. Let's get back to cost per return and and what are we talking about then? We're cost for return basis. You're saying it's all there's all 10:17 day long. Oh, yeah, we haven't there's I don't I can't think of a time where we've had a we've been on the use 10:26 of trying as far as return. I I believe if I'm not mistaken Triune is somewhere around 13 dollars an acre at our 10:34 current rates, but we consistently have 20 plus bushel increase on that manure. Yeah. So we're compared even is saying 10:43 we spread manure here. We spread manure here. This one had to try unit on it and we saw a yield Bump by significant amount. Yeah. 10:49 Got it. His name is Brian Evans. His company's Agro Tech USA if they will learn more about this fertilizer this manure treatment to make any more readily available fertilizer anymore 10:58 efficient fertilizer where they go Agro Tech That's right. And his name is Temple Road. She's doing affiliate work here 11:07 with extreme mag. And he also used a lot chicken over there and the Delmarva area and this is Rob Deadman a Arkansas 11:13 Delta Guy where they have a lot of poultry down there use a lot of chicken liver yourself. So, you know what looks like this is gonna be a problem do more with and I'd like 11:22 to do this again in one year and see some more big results and trial results that we're doing here for extreme egg coming at you from the 11:28 Politics South Dakota and PhD field day. I'm Damian Mason share this with anybody that you think can utilize more nutritate 11:34 value out of there fertilizer, which means they're manure and also check out all the cool stuff. We're doing extreme AG dot 11:40 Farm.

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