Getting Microbes Working In Rice
21 Jun 232 min 59 sec

Matt's new focus on micromanaging his rice plots in the same way he does his other crops presents a number of challenges. Now he is looking at a trial with


 that he hopes will stimulate the microbes in an anaerobic environment. 

00:00 So we're here today in one of our, uh, rice fields. Uh, it's actually a row rice field. And, and in this particular field we have a, uh, a organics plot. Organics is a microbial product that, uh, 00:12 that increases, you know, root development. Um, you know, microbes also help mineralize fertilizers and does a bunch of good things for, 00:20 for the environment. So, uh, you know, this, this product here is a new, new product that we're just trying. Uh, 00:27 the information we've got on it so far is pretty impressive. Rice is kind of a unique product or unique commodity to put it on. Um, 00:35 you know, they're thinking that the company, and, and I am too, that there's a lot of, 00:39 there's a lot of things we could do with this rice crop that we, we, we kind of neglect. You know, rice's always been growing the same way. So, 00:46 you know, hopefully we're gonna see something out here. Uh, I'm gonna actually go out here and, and pull some roots up. 00:51 May not be a whole lot of difference in our grower standard practice. And, and, uh, and where it's at right now, this, this rice is just above, uh, 01:00 green r It's not too far from, from the boot stage. So, uh, you know, it looks like it looks pretty good. You know, 01:06 I can't really see a distinct line between the two products, but a lot of times, you know, it's when the combine goes through, when you see the difference. So, 01:13 I'm gonna go out here and get a few plants out of both, both flies, and we'll see what we got. 01:37 I think I could see a little bit of difference. I can't see a lot of difference right now. Uh, the g s p maybe, maybe a little bit longer. Uh, to be honest with you, 01:48 I, you know, they're basically about the same. What I think I do see is the difference in the fibrous roots. 01:57 I think I can see a little bit of difference in those, you know, not a ton of difference, but I can tell there's more roots on this, 02:04 on this plant than there is in this plant. So, you know, it definitely looks like it's doing something. Like I said, 02:09 we'll know more about it when we run the combine through it. This is also out of the same spot. 02:19 You know, probably these look a little bit more similar. So this one's actually pulled in a little thinner place, 02:25 and then these two were, so, looks like it's got some promise. Um, we'll continue to work with it. We've also got a pla uh, uh, 02:34 plot on our cotton field too. So, uh, you know, we'll, we'll let you know what that's looking like. Rice looks really good. Like I said, 02:42 anything we can do to enhance the root growth on rice and get microbes, you know, running in a, 02:47 in a flooded environment and an anaerobic environment is, is pretty impressive. So we'll see what happens and get back with you later.

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