Getting His Chemistry Right
5 Apr 231 min 41 sec

Kelly says that Agronomy is Biology + Chemistry. When it comes to biologicals, when they do not work he believes it is in large part due to an issue with the balance of soil chemistry. He talks about how he is using


 to help get his soil chemistry right.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG here to talk to you about nutracharge the product I like to use from agrotech nutria charges become grower standard practice to 00:09 us on every acre of corn and soybeans. It's applied in Furrow through our planter and I have been known to say that Agronomy is chemistry plus 00:18 biology and a huge buzzword in our industry. Today is talking about all the different Biologicals we can use but I think most 00:24 Growers would agree that this biology Works sporadically what works for one guy doesn't work for another guy or won't 00:30 even work for you all the time throughout your different soil environments. Well, I believe 00:35 That your biology is never going to work as intended. If you don't have your Chemistry, right? So we have started to make 00:41 a concentrated effort to get our chemistry, right and neutral charge helps us do that phosphorus and 00:47 magnesium are both double positive charged ions that want to get neutral in the soil. They will tie up many of your other nutrients specifically 00:53 your phosphorus by applying neutral charge infero. It helps break that bond between say the calcium and the phosphorus. That's the problem. I have in my soils making both 01:02 nutrients become available to the plant calcium is my biggest nutrient deficiency phosphorus, of course is very expensive and important to all crops throughout the growing season 01:11 and by making them become available in the soil to our plants becomes a huge yield benefit. I have seen anywhere from an eight bushel yield gain up to a 25 bushel 01:20 yield gain. And I think the average across the whole field was 16 and thirds of bushels. Very nice Shield gain 01:26 for a four dollar and 50 Cent five dollar per acre product neutral charges. Very inexpensive. I can't see enough good 01:32 things about it and it will continue to remain a grower standard. on my farm

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