Farm Planter: In-Furrow Set-up & An Innovative way to reduce sprayer passes
10 Apr 241m 23s

Layne walks through the in-furrow upgrades they made to their planter and an innovative system for reducing sprayer passes by spraying pre-emerge off the back of the planter.

00:00 Hey guys, this is Lane Miles here with X extreme Ag. Talking about just our infra system here, kind of the equipment piece of it. 00:06 We run a fur jet. I went with the fur jet system 'cause it has a really good wing on it to be able to break that sidewall up and it can work in different placement. 00:15 We use that center placement, but if you were using something like Xw or something like that, we know that it's gotta be, 00:20 you know, an inch or a half inch away from that seed, not over the top of the seed. So it gives us a little bit of a different aspect 00:26 of things that we can do here. If we, if you've got infra a system, we've got tanks and pumps on our tractors, our front mount 00:32 that send our solution back here. We're running through a raving system, running through John Deere's rake controller, sending all 00:38 that from the front of the tractor to the back of the tractor in beans. We don't use a ton of inf furrows. 00:43 What we do with that system is we try to save a, save a sprayer pass in a field. So if we're just running a tractor seed only, we have come 00:52 to all the way to the back and we've put a spray boom running through our rate controller. So we, we do control our flow in the boom, 01:00 but we've run a spray boom out the back of our planter to be able to put our pre-emerge herbicides out to be able to save that pass in the field. 01:07 So not only are we using our tanks as systems to be efficient in the furrow, we're also being efficient in saving passes in the field 01:16 trying to do two things at one time.

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