Fungicide Surprise
10 Nov 222 min 11 sec

Kelly and Mike talk about the fungicide program they used this past season. They used Xyway in their 2 x 2 system, but in their high pressure areas where they needed a double shot of fungicide, they turned to an old standby that Mike new about. They reduced cost and boosted yield.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag. We're here in the warehouse today with Mike Evans of integrated egg solutions to talk to you about our 00:06 fungicide program this year. It kind of surprised us. We have ziway on every acre in our two by two through our closer system very happy with that product. 00:16 We're going to go out and make a BT pass anyway to put in a pgr and some foliar fertility. So at that time we identified that there could be some disease pressure 00:25 coming in. We could not get enough of the product. We originally have had planned to use because the supply chain issues and Evans came along with the magistrate idea. 00:35 Yeah, so obviously we're doing sideway in the two by two system. But we got some pressure in certain areas your geographies of 00:44 the ground you farm that plus we have corn on corn things like that that are gonna be higher how they manage high pressure disease pressure. 00:54 So we needed to kind of an option for a second shot so to speak and we like multiple modes of action, you know. 01:03 Two or three active ingredients. We're running one product that you said we couldn't get 01:08 so I'd worked in previous employment with product called magistrate. It's a three-way. It's got three modes of action three active ingredients and had six 01:17 some success with it there didn't really use it a lot, but we tried it. So we could get access to this and we used 01:25 it in our VT pass and we're really happy with the results somewhere around six bushel versus our screw or standard practice on the 01:34 farm here kind of surprised that it would you know, the other products a little more expensive. This is a little less expensive. So that's always a nice thing. Oh and and yeah 01:43 worked really well. So magistrate was five or six dollars an acre less expensive than what we had planned to do and produce five 01:51 or six bushel more per acre. On $6 corn, you know, we're talking a 40 or 42 dollar net return magistrate will be a product 01:59 that we use a lot more of next year. It's available. It's an expensive easy to use and it really worked well for 02:05 us so I'm excited about it.

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