Fungicide Became A Grower Standard Practice For Us
28 Jul 231 min 36 sec

Five years ago we never put a fungicide on our crop. That changed a few years ago. Here is why.

00:00 So we're gonna talk about fungicides today. Uh, we're standing in our FMC plot. One thing we've learned in the last couple of years that, that, you know, 00:08 sometimes down here in the south, it takes us fellas a, a little while to learn things. Uh, fungicide is a, is a pretty good option. Uh, five years ago we didn't put fungicides out, didn't really see a need for 'em. 00:19 The southern rust would come in after we were at black layer or a week before black layer, and we felt like it wasn't, uh, you know, 00:26 wasn't cause any yield damage. What we have seen since then is planting our corn later. Uh, you know, without getting too late is, is increasing yield. 00:34 We've also seen that applying when you apply fungicide at brown silk, there's some fertility options that you can put out there and pgr options that 00:43 will also enhance the yield, uh, test weight, different things like that. So, having said that, 00:49 grower standard practice today is to add a premium fungicide with our, uh, with our brown silk application of fertility. 00:57 I don't know if I should say we add the fungicide to the fertility, or we probably started adding the fertility to the fungicide. Either way, uh, 01:04 it's a good time to piggyback everything together. Uh, this is FMCs new fungicide product. We've got high hopes for it. Uh, you know, we think that we get a benefit when we're putting out a fungicide of putting out 01:15 a good fungicide. We always do trials. We've got a check here and, uh, also the, the product. So we'll keep you posted on what's going on and, 01:24 and how this is working out. As we started planting later, fungicide became a, uh, grower standard practice. So, uh, we'll see how it goes.

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