21 Feb 20

Fulvic Acid is the smallest of the 12 molecules in the Humic complex. It is the only completely water- soluble molecule in the group.  You can pull a source from many places including compost. Today our modern scientists are trying to mimic what Mother Nature has perfected over centuries in a lab over a week's time.

You can steep the left-over mulch from mushroom factories or other compost sources.  But the question is always...What’s the background material?  Is it safe?  What is the concentration of Fulvic Acid? 

The basis of Fulvic Acid is to utilize the amino acid portion as a natural chelator and to facilitate the movement of larger nutritional molecules through root and leaf structures ultimately ending up into the nucleus of cell walls for target delivery.

The basis of most fulvic extraction is from a liquid Humic. Typically, the Humic liquid has the pH dropped to around 2.9 and the solids will predicate to the bottom. This will allow you to pour off the fulvic. There is still some amount of Humic and other debris attached at this point.

Almost all sellers of Fulvic nutrition are selling you a diluted product.  Most of them have diluted their material 150:1 before you purchase the product. So do the math, when someone suggests you apply 32 ounces/acre. You have purchased .2 ounces of active ingredient in that quart. If you like shipping Water, this is your supplier!!

I try to share my knowledge so we can all become more informed purchasers, formulators, and end users. You should use the highest quality materials available to you at an affordable price point, that will meet and exceed your expectations. Humic Acid and Fulvic Acids are among Mother Nature’s best natural soil enhancers.