Front Fill Modification

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8 Feb 233 min 40 secPremium Content

Kevin shows us the modification he is making to his new Hagie sprayer to improve efficiency of his front fill system.

So it's winter time here. We are getting everything ready. We got a brand new sprayer come in. It's a haggy sts-12. One thing is Factory is the steps right here. They got this is just almost foolish. But if you'll notice right there, you can see the feel on the ladder. And then under it is your clean rinse, which I don't like that because I'm contaminating my clean Rants and when you want to use it, you're dripping stuff all over it chemicals also notice. This is a ladder going up into the cab here. Well, that means that. I'm going to be spilling solution right there on the steps right where I'm walking in and out to get into the cab. Quite frankly. I would have thought John Deere had more common sense than this. This is absolutely a dangerous design. I don't like walking through anything if I do feel and I'm gonna Splash a little bit best I can do but the fact he is I'm prefer not to even take a chance at it the inductor the inductor here. It works pretty good right here on the side, you know, it's drops down much like what our traditional other sprayers is always done. I like that feature, but in our control was right here. Well, this is also how we feel it and see our flow gauge because I got that option on this sprayer. So I'm gonna move it. I'm gonna move it to the front. We got the front fill option. So we're unbolted this right here. You can kind of see here what's in there. That's our controls. You can see the front feel right here. This is a the arm right here where we feel it at this is just like our other haggies that we had. But I took out wiring harness and I rerouted the original harness. And you can see it right here now. So my stainless door that comes here. I'm going to mount the controls right here on this so I'm gonna show you that. All right, so you can see right here is our door that Helps push everything under we open that every time we go to do our Front Field, which is no big deal. The wiring harness is gonna come down right here to the top. It's like you seen all I've got to do is bore four four holes right here. One two on this side two up here on the other side. And then I've got this so that I'll be standing directly in front of it feeling and I can reach up here. I can punch in whatever I want to do. I can cut my pump on and off to cut my inductor on and off. Yeah, I'll have to walk from right here around to my doctor. It'd be nice. It was just right there at the doctor the way to your had it but We do most of our loading on the truck. So we use that very little on the sprayer. So this right here is the final what it looks like. Moving this up to the front so you can tell when I'm right here my fill Port I'll have full access to my computer right here where I can go ahead and work the sprayer on all my load functions. And you can see the wire there. There's no additional anything that you have to do. Which is really nice. Let's just cleans it up for me. I really like myself and my employees not. Tracking stuff in and out of the cabs. It's unnecessary. Especially if it's any happened, you know herbicides pesticides anything of that nature to move this thing right here you talking 30 minutes 45 minutes max to move it. No big deal and that's drilling the holes the whole nine yards all by yourself two people can probably do it and 20 minutes.

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