From Parking Lot To Productive Field
30 Mar 238 min 31 sec

Chad talks about the results of the last season with ADS drain tile, specifically how he took a field that he used to park equipment on and transformed it into one of his more productive yielding fields.

00:00 Hey there coming at you from the ads booth that commodity classic. I've got Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and I've got Darla huff 00:06 and she is with ads. You know what first time I was at your farm Chad July of 2021. You were out there putting in drainage tile really for the first time on 00:15 all the Acres you farm because it's kind of newer thing. And then since then we've seen a whole bunch of coverage on the extreme AG dot 00:21 Farm website of you in front of the live station, you've got the First full year of trial results. And this is kind of exciting because 21 it 00:30 was going in 22 boom. We now have results tell us about the results. Hey, I got to start one part. So exactly where Damian come up where he met at 00:39 where we we come in the field at and he was like, why would you park to Quitman riding the field? You know, what we couldn't raise a 00:45 wheat crop on him because we didn't have this. So this year we've got great day. I've done several videos on that exact spot 00:51 where we met for the first time full week crops. So it's gonna be really good but it's all because of the tile and lift station. All right, darling. We've been seeing a lot of Chad. 01:00 Coverage he loves his lift station. Trust me. It's the greatest thing. In fact you and I shot video for the illustration. He like he goes out 01:06 there and pets it but trial results. We finally have a full year. What did we see? So we we have trials in two different fields. I'm going after two different things in 01:15 both of those fields and we saw anywhere between 11% to 25% and I would say what 10 to 60 bushel differences depending on what we're after 01:24 that feels them was zero to 300 bushels, but that's where we started this right trick it, you know, when I told her Michael down there. Hey, I just need three lines of tile. Maybe I don't know 01:34 a thousand feet or something. So anyway, 40 acres later 500,000 feet later. Here. We are Talent. That's what I remember is that you you said it kept 01:43 growing but it's not growing because she's a huxter a group because you needed to get rid of water. Yep. One of my favorite things. He calls me and he's like, my field is 01:52 right. My weed is green. I didn't even know it was yellow before and so then he could go out and compare it to the field right next to it that we didn't tile and 02:00 he sees the difference. He sees that it's pulling that excess water out and he's getting a better crop because of it. You showed me 02:06 on a computer before we hit record on this video some actual trial results. And then you just ran through some numbers zero bushels 02:13 per acre to 300 motorcycle. That's pretty impressive. But give me some real numbers that are truly where you're saying. 02:18 I mean putting this over this when we started this, you know, it's we joke about it a lot because it has opened my eyes 02:24 and when it opened my eyes about it's the Whitewater flows and whitewater moves, you know, you think you can just go out here and and put 02:30 something on top of it. I tried to fill in with some dirt and some bottoms and he just pushes around so when you understand and I 02:36 don't know if we truly ever will right when we do understand the full movement of water, then you understand the tiling process. 02:42 You know, it ain't just old tile here. Well, we got a tile here here and here, you know, and those are things that I understood when we 02:48 say zero to 300. There was an area I want to farm that we never worked pivot run across it. We've never worked. 02:54 It was a five to seven acres every year just a wet spot and we went in there and talented when now I was mad at it. I didn't understand I put on 15 foot centers, you know, 03:03 so it's a lot of water leaving there you but that's what I'm talking about this this year. We work the feel for the first time the same time 03:09 frame we planted it. It was a great crop on it. I mean, it's just I can't wait to see it when the soil starts moving and fat black and I guess this is the correct word and getting 03:18 air. It that we all know that you know. Big Gunner job and this is going actually be it's gonna be really good Darla. Have you heard the story before? Yeah 20 03:27 times any every time he calls me wants me to be more excited about it. But I'm like it's doing it's doing what she she's all the time. I'm like, it's why 03:36 I say you don't do it. Nobody ever just tiles just once you know him being able to take landy's never 03:42 Farm before and be able to farm it. That's our goal. But it's not just about chasing wet spots. That's why we have the other trial field where I told 03:48 him give me a field that you wouldn't child that you don't think has any water problems. That doesn't this does everything perfectly and 03:54 our installers are like this field has more water in it than the one that he wanted to fix. The one that you thought was a problem. You do as a problem. Yes, then the one you thought 04:03 was not a problem you found out is a bigger problem. It's actually a bigger problem. So that field is actually where the weed is 04:09 now, we're winning there tally, you know, we're in the South we couldn't get a contractor down there. We had to get him down there in July. Yeah, you know 04:15 last week of June 1st of July and it was like man, so we come down here and we we're telling through areas that we thought was supposed 04:21 to And it's muddy in July and once we get that tiled and see the amount of waters come off of it and now where we was tiling through we had no wheat, we do a wheat 04:30 beans and corn rotation. So if you date that bag, we was tiling it when the wheat come off. So now is our first full year of going back into a crop. 04:39 It's a second year, but the first crop data that's in this week not corn and we can so see the benefits of because the weed is so visual, right and 04:48 a lot of people forget about wheat and it's in the benefits of drainage bring to it because they're so focused on point and beans but Wheat really really benefits from drainage and what I'm 04:57 excited to see as we as we're moving forward. He had a great first year. We normally take you know, we say it's a an average 05:03 of a 30% yield bump once the ground settles. It usually take about three years to happen. So one of his fields we saw that first year 10% the other the other field we see a 05:12 25% and some spots with this 100% growth. Yeah, but now as we were moving forward now, we're getting even deeper into the data. We've got a weather station out there. We're monitor. 05:21 How much water is coming off and when where is it going? What is the what is the water table doing? And what is the optimum water table for him? So that 05:30 as he's irrigating the drainage and irrigation are working together not against each other. That's where I want to take this because one of the big 05:36 things you said way back when we first started working together. You said you know, it's water management. It's not just drainage. It's broader management 05:42 because it is very hot in Madison, Alabama. It's how all summer and in these irrigating and of course the person would say why am I irrigating? And then why am I worry about getting rid of water then 05:51 I'm bringing water back. You say no, it's water management, correct? And a lot of people think I don't need especially in the southern states. It's I 05:57 don't need to take water off. I need to put water on. They don't understand that drainage. One of my cohort says 06:03 it's like a sponge the soil and the plant are going to absorb all the water at once drainage get rid of the excess that you don't want it never will take away the water that the plant 06:12 or the soul needs. Yeah, and so you don't about a new initiative of you because the south is kind of a new friend here for you pretty good results pretty good results for sure. We got 06:21 Great results at matsfield too. So more to come on. That's some good results coming like said, we're just we're just selling the tip of the iceberg 06:27 with this thing for us the point of us being able to control the water. You know, what level do we 06:33 want to be at? And then we're going we got some things coming forward about nutrients. I mean that's coming. Just just hang 06:39 on we got some stuff coming with that in the years to come but they'll be able to manage how much water and it's open to see a 06:45 month at a time. We're checking it every month a month at a time how much water we're moving from the field. So it's it's really 06:51 eye opening. I don't know if we want to spit those numbers out, right you'd have to do because I don't remember the exact ones of it. 06:57 But what I want a farmer to think about is Have you ever been able to control what your water does on your farm right versus being? 07:05 Chained to Mother Nature to an extent right you're saying that now it's almost quantitative. You should be a Field's wet. 07:11 Yeah, that's getting real dry. Now you're saying we can actually I mean it's almost like rudimentary the 07:17 way we used to do it right now. You can actually quantify and measure it right but the misunderstanding or the misnomer about drainage is only a 07:24 Midwest thing is not correct. If people want to learn more about first off you're encouragement Chad has always been you may not think you need this but you know, he was 07:33 one of them he was well, that was one that's it. I need three lines. I mean they they wanted to turn Michael wanted to talk to me down here. I scratched them off. I need to talk about irrigation. I 07:42 need to talk about whales I need talk that you know, but it's it's truly. It's can't see the force for the trees approach, you know, and once you open your mind, well, you 07:51 know, there's this spot. Well, you know what that spot is not that spot that spot is the third of the farm and you know, 07:57 it's so it's definitely a way of thinking for sure you're encouragement is you may not think you need this do a little dig a Little Deeper take a little bit your big takeaway here is you're 08:06 finally got trial results and we're getting to the point now, we're gonna be quantifying this right not just always kind of 08:12 West kind of dry this kind of getting more science exactly. It's water management Water Management if they want to learn more about this darling, where do they go ahead? Yes 08:18 five. Ads My name is Damian Mason coming at you from commodity. Classic ads pipe calm Chad Anderson, Darla Huff. Check it out.

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