From Beans to Corn: Miles Farms Explores the Potential of Double-Crop Corn
29 Jul 231 min 58 sec

Double-Crop beans are standard practice for Miles Farms, but this is the first time they are trying some double-crop corn.

00:00 It is July the 11th, and almost a year ago today, we were standing in a almost ready to harvest soybean field. We harvested beans here about 10 days from now, a year ago. 00:17 You know, this field here is being beans, another set thing, uh, another crop of beans, crop of wheat, now a crop of corn. So four crops in about 18 months. You know, 00:29 we're somewhere around V seven v8, you know, somewhere around there in, in our growth stage of our corn. Fixing to put our second shot of, uh, 00:40 or I guess it'll be our third shot of nitrogen on it to kind of let it go for the year. We've been working real close with, 00:49 with Johnny Burrell because he does a lot of double crop corn, also with Brewer bli, because he helps Johnny do a lot of double crop corn. 00:58 They, they work really close together. We work really close with, with brewer. Uh, so really and truly guys, I mean, this, the, 01:07 if it wasn't for those two guys, if this corn probably wouldn't look as good as it is. Thought we were looking at somewhere when we, 01:13 when we originally planted it at 160, maybe 180 bushel corn. Looking at it today, you know, doing some root digs looking at, at, 01:23 at the color of plants, tissue samples, yada, yada, yada. We feel like we're looking more at 200 bushel corn. So we've done, 01:29 we put our third shot. What I mean by third shot is, uh, we started out with a streamer. We've, we've put out a video on that before, uh, 01:37 first wide drop, and we're fixing to put our second wide drop on it. We'll give you another update here in probably another two weeks or so, 01:44 which that'll be a year from, from when we cut the first crop of beans. So that's kind of a good, good, good date to come back on. 01:51 Hopefully we're looking at corn. You know, it's about this tall by the end.