19 Jul 221 min 29 sec

The final foliar application of the day, Chad likes the mixing simplicity that Fulltec Impulse Soy delivers.  Now he will see if it delivers for his double-crop soybeans. 

00:00 All right. Yeah, here we go. Ted Henderson extreme egg and putting in some pool Tech. So we 00:09 we're doing our four wheelers today. If you see these other videos, I got same shirt on because we done that about eight of them 00:15 today. So we're running four wheelers today trying to get this in on double crop beans. All the beans are on double crop that we're 00:21 spraying our irrigated soybeans and we got to plant them the first week of June. That's some pretty good yield potential. So that's where we're gonna do all our trials at and figure out you know, 00:30 what's what build different programs for y'all. So hang on tide. Here we go. This product is full Tech and pulse soybeans. So 00:39 what they done is there's four products in here and they label them one. 00:44 And number two is a bag and number three is a bag and number fours of four is another bottle so they want you to mix them in the order that 00:53 they got one, two, three, four four products in here. They got a complete Roundup here of sources and and things 00:59 in this box. So it's an 80 acre box load. That's pretty neat. But we'll see how it is. It mix real. Well, we didn't have any problem with 01:08 a bag or anything a quarter them in a five gallon bucket water and then stuck them in so we'll see how everything goes really really 01:14 looking for good things out this spray Tech bunch here, but this is the full tank impulse soy that we're using today and stay tuned. 01:23 Thank you.

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