Fixing The Weak Spots
7 May 231 min 35 sec

Kelly's biggest issue in his fields is the high base saturation levels of calcium he has in his western Iowa soils. He is adding a new product from


 into his planter applied fertility to see if he can help amend the issue. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett here with Aaron stalled Eggroll liquid. We're putting a soybean trial in today. It's our grower standard practice 00:06 plus egg roll liquids folic acid product called C-Tech Aaron's going to explain a little bit what SeaTac is and why we're trying this in the 00:15 soils that we are. So this is a it's a hydrophobic phobic acid along with bacillus subtillas and bacillus amyl 00:22 liquid Fashions. It's a big word but we're trying to do here is Kelly has some troubles every once all phosphorus. He's got high calcium. I think it's some tie up and we're trying to do with this. We're gonna 00:31 come out put this in with their grower standard and we're gonna try to see if we can get some release some of that phosphorus and get 00:37 some of that biological activity clicking for him. Our biggest challenge on yields here is a base saturation problem with calcium. We have high calcium in these Hills. We're 00:46 going to put c-tac in see if we can help amend some of that we do many things to try to do that, you know the plant food product 00:52 that we're spraying with the sulfur we're trying to take the calcium out of the equation a little bit, but we're still trying to amend these weak areas, correct. 00:58 I like to see if you can fix the weak area of the farm. You can fix the farm. It isn't always about pushing a 01:05 high yield area. We also have to try to bring up our weaker areas and that will raise our average some of the biggest gains from 01:11 an Roi perspective are going to be made in the weaker areas of your farm might not be 100 bushel means might not be 300 bushel 01:18 corn, but I might take a 45 bushel yield area to a 60 bushel area. There's a lot of Roi on that and that's why we're trying a product like this. That's what this trial 01:27 is intended for is to see if we can raise the ROI on a weak area.

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