Damaged Corn
30 Jun 234 min 55 sec

Mike Evans gave the order a few weeks ago to mow down this 8 acres patch of corn. Now he is trying to bring it back. Why is Mike inflicting damage on his own crop? He has a reason and a plan too.

00:00 You're looking at a field that obviously has some problems. I'm driving down the road and I said, good God, Evans, 00:08 what happened to this field? Grasshoppers do this. No, the pests, the damage was a great big old rotary mower. Anyway, I said, 00:18 we gotta talk about this. So Mike Evans, uh, integrated Ag Solutions here. You see this field, it's an absolute disaster area. And I said, all right, 00:26 we gotta make a video because what is gonna happen to this? Here we are. It's June 23rd. Um, and he says, no, I think it's still salvageable. What, 00:33 what's going on here? Uh, eight acre piece of a larger, about 300 acres here that Kelly Farms. And it was just miscommunication. We didn't get sprayed. Right. You know, 00:43 and the gr got about to my waste. So it was about, So there was a rye cover crop on this field. It's an eight acre patch. And the rye was there as a cover crop, or was it supposed to be something else? 00:52 It was here as a cover crop. We planted a little acre hoping to get cows on. It just never materialized. And we came and planted it, you know, 01:00 and then we didn't get a rain after we planted it here, and it just, it looks sour. You 01:04 Plant corn into rye. Yep. Didn't get rain. So the corn's not germinating. Well, and the rye has still got enough fruits. It continues to grow. 01:11 Yep. And then it, it's, and the Rye didn't get killed. Yeah. And it's about four foot tall, so it's got shade and it's really hampering the corn. 01:18 And we were planning on replanting this. We were just gonna mow it off, come back in here, replant it, and it was originally gonna be silage anyways. 01:25 So, uh, that was our plan. And then after Wingrow mowed it, I drove by a couple days ago, and I'm like, this could be salvageable. I mean, 01:33 most of the crop, it just, the leaves are gone. So, Um, normally when our buddy Wingrow does something, uh, mechanical, it's like he's got a big, huge, uh, 01:41 shuttle on the front of a forklift and he dumps it. But this is, this is some real doing here. So he came in with the Bush hog, uh, up high Yep. 01:49 And mowed things off about a foot, right? Yep. And was the rice sprayed ultimately then? It was dead. Okay. It just wasn't leaning over. Right. 01:56 Hanging a machine in the corn. Dead standing. Yep. All right. And you're saying, all right, well we got about eight to 12 inch corn here that's now mowed off. 02:04 I think we're gonna give this a whirl. Yeah, I don't, I don't see any downside. As said, did The corn and the whirl thing? Yeah. 02:10 Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Anyway, so, all right. So you're gonna give it a whirl? What do you think? 02:13 Yeah, I, I'm pretty excited about it. You know, I asked Kelly about, and he's like, yeah, go for it. So, you know, 02:18 we're gonna come in here with Stoler product, bio Forge advance. What's it spray? So it's kind of a, I call it a healer plant. They, 02:24 they tell me that, and I've really never worked with a whole lot. This would be the first year, but they tell me like, 02:29 after a hail or wind damage, you could spray that and it'll help the plant respond to that stress faster and heal itself quicker. 02:35 So, all right. So it's a, it is a sort of salvage thing. You put this bio forage on, and that's not, its only use, 02:40 but in this case you're like, this corn is obviously a disaster area. We're gonna see if we can, you know, you know, turn lemons, 02:46 lemon lemons into lemonade. Yeah. And I can, it kind of mimics like a bad hailstorm here to me, you know, looking at these, this corn the way it is. 02:53 And the other purpose of bio forge advance is, uh, silage and helps that piece too. So the cows over here are gonna eat this. So it's kind of a twofold project. I thought, you know, 03:02 instead of coming back in here, replanting it, why not try to turn it into something we can learn? So if we got a little bit of rain, what's your prediction? 03:09 I think we can recover it. I honestly do just, you know, it's six inches tall. Just the leaves are beat up a little bit. 03:16 All right. Answer me this, my, uh, dairy Min that I rent my farm ground to when I say, well that's not great corn, but it's just going for corn silage. And he says, I need the ear on that, 03:25 just as bad as the grain farmer does, because the ear is where the energy is. So we sometimes think, oh, it's just gonna be corn silage. It can amount, 03:31 it doesn't matter if it's crappy. That's not necessarily true. No, you want tons, you want protein, you want all the, 03:36 all the stuff that comes with a good corn. Um, if it tons up, well it got chop less means more feed for the cows. So, you know, 03:43 Kelly's got all these 500 some head or whatever he is got now and he wants to feed 'em with high quality feed. So it is important, 03:49 But this is obviously gonna be worse than good field corn. We're not, doesn't look good now. 03:53 So we're not, we're not gonna be doing one of our nnc g a, uh, plots here for, uh, for you. No, no. So if we get some rain, you think it'll pull out of this. 04:00 Uh, the other thing that I think is kind of interesting in good research, you've gotta be able to mimic or recreate disasters, right? 04:07 So if you don't have hail and you wanna know what a beat to hell bad hail field looks like, we just put wind grove on a tractor with a mower. 04:15 Is that the answer? Yeah. And he can come give you a test plot, I guess so. All right. Stay tuned. 04:19 We're gonna let you know how this turns out because I'm intrigued. You would be also if you were driving by this field and you said, 04:24 what in the hell is happening out there? That's what we're talking about. So stay tuned. Can you salvage a crop that went in bad, didn't get rain, 04:31 had cover crop, shading it out, and then got mowed off? We'll see that's what we're doing here at Extreme Ag Farm where there's all kinds of videos in the library of all the cool stuff we're doing. And sometimes, 04:42 hey, we're doing stuff that's a little bit out there. Mike Evans, Damien and Mason coming at you from pretty crappy cornfield. 04:48 Eight acres of it in area in Iowa.