Fixing A Problem I Am About To Face
3 May 232 min 5 sec

Temple usually applies all of his head scab fungicide using a ground rig whenever possible in order to maximize coverage across the entire field.  Unfortunately, recent rains are making that impossible this season so he plans to hit is from the air instead. He talks about how he plans to compensate for the lower rates and coverage issues of an aerial application by mixing up a few products to go along with the fungicide application.

00:00 So this is what we're out here talking about today guys. We're gonna talk about you know problems that we all have, you 00:06 know, we all fight weather. We all fight that making all these decisions all the time. Here's one that I'm going to have to 00:12 deal with now. So we usually when we come in on our week, we're in my wheat crop now, we usually apply all of our headscape scam fungicide 00:21 on wheat with a ground rig. Well this year, we're not gonna be able to do that. It drives me crazy not to be able to do it but there's some things that I'm gonna do 00:31 to adjust that so when an airplane puts on, you know fungicide or whatever they do a great job never gonna say that they aren't because I have to use them all the 00:41 time they do a great job. But in these areas some areas that we're in like back here, you know, it's hard for that airplane to get down alongside the woods and all and we can 00:50 take the potential of getting some headscape in there my situation right now is this 00:56 It's been dry up until just the other day came out looking some wheat. We weren't in. You know, we weren't out in head yet. Well now all of a sudden boom. We got a shower rain 01:06 and then bam we get two and a half inches of rain. Now, we can't get the sprayers in the field and everything's out in full head and we 01:15 need to get on this ground. Well, we're gonna have to use a airplane. I'm a little bit worried because you know, they're using 01:21 two to five gallons an acre and I'm gonna be using 15 to 20 gallons an acre with the ground rig. Well, I'm gonna 01:28 try to alleviate some of that. So I'm gonna put some other products in there. I'm gonna add some sugar into that. I'm gonna try to coat that 01:34 plant a little bit better. I'm gonna also try another one. There's one out there called Pacesetter. I'm hoping that 01:41 I can add that window and I can get it on that that crop just a little bit better and I can do a better job. So there's always these ways that we can add to 01:50 our program to help us fix a problem that we're getting ready to face. So this is One of my problems here's how I'm going to face it be back 01:59 to you soon.

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