Finding the Perfect Timing: Temple Rhodes on Late Season Corn Fertilization
17 Nov 232 min 36 sec

Check out Temple Rhodes as he gets down to the brass tacks of late-season corn fertilization. In this video, Temple's on a mission to crack the code on the best time to apply that crucial late-season boost to your corn crops.

00:00 Hey guys, temple Rose from Extreme Ag. I'm, uh, talk to you a couple seconds here. Uh, do a real quick video on a kind of a wrap up. 00:08 And, and I know that it's gonna be part of, you know, our data stuff for our members. You know, I say that a lot here coming in the fall 00:15 'cause we got a lot of data coming in and it's coming in quick. But one of the things that we found out this year, you know, 00:21 nature's jumped in, um, with both hands and really helped me and Chad and Kevin out. 00:27 Um, we've been talking about this late season fertility and how much it does for a corn crop, you know, trying to make that application. 00:35 Um, but we were trying to pinpoint the exact placement. You know, we, we were talking about gdu and that's how we, we weren't gonna talk about, you know, 00:45 the stage of the crop or anything like that. Um, because it, you know, stages of crops kind of vary, but I did it on irrigated so I could control 00:54 as many controllables as I could. But what we did was, is like this particular corn was at, uh, it finished up the black layer at 2,700 gdu. 01:05 So we kind of jumped back and forth. Um, we started out at 1,950 and we made some passes, then we did some more at 2,150, 01:14 then we made some more at 2,350. But the tremendous results that we're getting, um, I think we kind of, I'm not saying 01:23 that we have it figured out 'cause we definitely don't have it figured out, but 01:27 what we did figure out is there is a actual timing. You know, and I'm sure weather's gonna play a lot into this, and it's going to vary from year to year. 01:36 But we're gonna, we're gonna really work on it on dry land again next year because we really think 01:41 that we're onto something here. Um, it seems like that one in the middle, you know, we, we did the exact same thing all the way across there, 01:49 the exact same fertility passes, but we found out that that one right there about, you know, uh, 600, 500 01:59 to 600 gdu away from finish, that seemed to be the sweet spot. Um, but there's a lot on that data page. Guys. Stay tuned. 02:08 Get on there. Be a member if you can be a member. Um, if not, we've got, we've got tons and tons of stuff, you know, 02:15 that's free material out there as well. But that member thing, uh, I think that we've really got a lot, a lot of tools there 02:22 that we can really utilize. So stay tuned. It seems like you're gonna be able to see some huge ROIs from that late season. 02:29 Pass us a fertility on corn. See you guys.

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