Finding More Dollars

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3 Jun 232 min 4 secPremium Content

Matt uses his "blackboard" to walk thru his formula for how he finds extra money in today's market.

Hey guys, Matt Swanson with Extreme Ag working on the plant here today. Figured we'd bring you another tip from the planner one to walk through kind of one of our ways to find some dollars in today's market, right? So we got falling prices, uh, for fall of 23, and here's one of the ways we're making that up. So these three numbers over here, this is all seed costs. So for us, we're growing non GMO food grade corn. Okay? So we're here at this 2 25 a bag. Obviously you can see the math works through at 32,000. That puts you at 92 81 an acre in seed cost as opposed to your smartack type product at 1 75, 31 an acre at 33,000. Okay? So down here we've got some of the, how that works out. So it was at premium we're getting about 65 cents a bushel, so that that works out to an additional hundred and $50 round numbers An acre are difference in Z cost between the average of the double and triple pros and smart stacks down here to versus the non GMO works out to another 61 88 an acre. So here's how you see that timeout. So you got the 1 46, 25 in premium, the 61, 88 and C cost difference for a net gain of $208 and 19 cents. Down here. I've got a note for trucking. A lot of times some of these companies will provide a price that will be f o b, the delivery point, so they'll pay you for the trucking. So that's another little gain you can make right there. Again, not for everybody. A lot of times you have to store it, but if you work it out, there's definitely some extra money to be found just working through your local identity preserved markets.