Fendt Rogator Sprayer: What Worked and What Didn't

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19 Aug 2211 min 11 secPremium Content

After a week running the Fendt Rogator Sprayer, Chad and his son Jackson sit down to talk about what they liked about the sprayer and what they think needs improvement.  

All right. So me and Jackson's gonna talk for a second about what we like didn't lack what we've seen what we think he could improve on just from our small. Hours on the fence sprayer. So I'll tell you I started off. So what I like about it was a was the ease of the raising up down man. That was awesome. So you could raise it up and down turn a switch raise it up in like 30 or 45 seconds. It will be up and you run through the corn then you can let it down run down the road. That was really good. I like that. They've got to be on front fenders for it got to build it and I say fenders they had fenders I say crop dividers. They got to be some crop dividers for because that tire even with a narrow Tire he tries to reach out and grab the leaves when I was running down the road. I'm into beans we didn't really have no trouble that's got to be done number one. So the question was did we have trouble with a radiator stopping up low the fact that he'll be running out through the field. It would reverse the fan blow all the stuff off the radiator. So that was a really good idea. That works. Well. the guidance being in the the roof of the cab great idea Brown here. We got a lot of low like low hanging lamps and we're quick to break antennas. That's on top of the guidance balls and like the deer stuff. So it's all enclosed and he had some weather and stuff. It's a lot more durable. and then the bones don't sway as much you don't have to keep your Hands on the button all the time when you go over tires says they don't. Try to hit the ground every time you could you get to hit the button and play with the one that shuffles them automatically. That's a really nice feature. So they have a feature where you touch one side you going over there. She At a tilt the whole boom instead of just one side. So when you roll over tear it you can hit a button just kind of tilt it has the tears tilts. Yep, instead of having to manually work both sides. So that that was a good feature and it's just one touch the button you can hold the button down and go up down and hold it to other way and go the other way. So that was a really good feature. All right, what about features we didn't like The Raven system, that's just because we used to it it definitely took these John Deere boys some getting used to on the Ravens system. The system looks great, but it looks like it's a whole buttons bunch of buttons to push more to it to get back to where we was. It's just not as user friendly as what we're used to was a raven system. I don't talk a little bit for the flex frame. So this thing's got a flex frame on it. And we I thought it's really good. Like the first time I crossed the tears are coming out of a field and our we had these Terraces which are rolling and when you come up on a deer spray anything with that flip with that rigid frame, it'll try to spin on one side and it'll kind of rock over and then it'll go on. Well, that's all good. Well this Flex frame don't I mean it's stayed in context stayed pulling didn't really spin real smooth crawling. I thought man this will work. This will work until I started trying to cross these Terraces at a higher rate of speed and hold it in the row. I want a 30 inch row run down to cornmeals. It was took definitely I can't say I can't do it but it definitely took some getting used to with that Flex frame idea to run it over The Terraces and keep it in a row. I would have myself I would have to actually turn off the four wheel steer running through the field because it was so sensitive. It was hard to drive for me running through the field with a with the flex frame and the rear wheel steer. Now, I wouldn't have a high clearance prayer without rear wheel steer. I mean it was you get to the end you just push your button and turn right on the road, you know, so I really like that feature. I would just have to get some used to on the steering. What do you think about putting a putting a valve or putting some way to computer? You know a just or a sensor or something to where we could control we could adjust the steering, you know, we can go into steering in the sensitivity and and adjust it. What if we could control adjust the steering wheel to what the guy the driver wanted, you know, some people like a looser steering wheel something like a tighter this steering wheel to me was like a quarter of a turn. Yeah. loon even The what do you call that the stick that forget the Hydra statistics? Oh, it's it's all in the rears. It's not where you have to push your pool. So did you like that or not like it? It takes some getting used to but I think overall I like it. I think I like that I like I like that better too because you could it took some getting used to because even you click a button and go to reverse but reverse was forward. Yep, and then you stop so it took some getting used to but but it was a good idea because it was all wrist motion. It wasn't a whole movement motion. What else did we see? I like the sexy how many section controls was on it sexually it was great. It's not exactly individual nozzles, but it's every three to four two or three three to four maybe 32 sections on 120 foot boom where I know deer has exact apply where every nozzle is individual, but still I think it's They kept theirs more simple and I think it's more efficient that way instead. I think too much technology has involved in some of the other sprayers with the exact applian stuff. We would run into more problems with us praying nitrogen and then a lot of products and they've improved on it, but we can still see some times where you would definitely need to maintain if you're gonna have exactly you have to I wouldn't say you have to but it would be a great idea to flush that thing every night every night just flush it with water because of what you doing through it because of what the complexity of what you're doing the cleanout system is better the clean out system is better and also back to that nozzle thing. It was a that's their standard. The four nozzles is standard. That's not even an upgrade. Yep. That's a standard on every prayer. That's the standard is a 32 boom sections. So that was pretty neat. What about the turn compensation? I like that that was good. I'd like that the turn conversation. So they had a cruise control feature where you could run through the field and say 12 mile an hour and you set When you come to the end you could dial and set it to whatever I think that will set to what four and a half or five mile an hour and you just hit another button. So after you've done your parameter you go through the field hit one. It slows it down and hit another one slows it down. So I've never run a sprayer where I come in to feel running boundary and then never touch Steering Wheel again, but I did learn on the boundary thing do not create your boundary. If you ain't gonna spray the whole field because once you create the boundary, you cannot spray out of it until you delete it or start another field drove great down the road to questions. Like what about going down the road just say speed helps a lot speed was good. I mean, but our deers run 35 or 30 six, but these run 35 or 36 mile an hour down the road. They don't have a thing where like ours is anything over a hundred a hundred and fifty gallons. Well, there's this all weight. So it has I guess scales are not scales, but it has white sensors maybe on it. So it's it's dealing with weight it x amount of weight. It won't let you go to it'll just run 25 mile an hour. So they also you know, it takes Jackson if you start in the field and we change and cleaned out how many gallons does it take? I'd say 25 to 40 at least. To get all the way back through the so this sprayer has boom circulation to where I guess we could do it in what Faber 10? Yeah, probably, you know, it's supposed to be instant, but I'm just saying like so it has boom circulation where everything goes out and comes back. You don't just go at the end of the Boom. So that was a neat feature that we seen on the on the recirculation piece. I think it would help us not waste product because when we change products over we do a boom clean out or sprayer clean out we have to you know, run it through field and then when we get to the field, it's pure water in it. So we'll have to get in a road because you don't want to be in your field with this product getting the road and kind of watching you can see it change colors as it goes out the Boom. So but it takes every time I've done it it's gonna take somewhere around 40 gallon to get the boom primed in what you're trying to spray. so that was a nice feature for them to put on so I mean all in all Jackson if we recap. What did we not like about it? The one there's one thing about the booms. I think they need more protection on them. Especially if you're more like in a city area like we are they don't have no protection on the back side of the boobs where if you back up and touch a limb or any kind of thing, it's gonna mess up your tips for the deer and some of these other machines that protection but they need to be better designed also. Catchy, so what did you like about the way they fold? Did you like the way it folds to the front? I don't I don't know if I do or not. I kind of got mixed feelings about that. I like the way it folded the front because I can fold up faster the first time because I can fold 120 foot to the front then it breaks around. But if you're in your small patches, you can't do that. If you're in a small patches, you can't do that when we say small patches. We literally spray fields that are one acre to five acres and that's when we say small patches, but the fan does have many override options that deer and other machines don't offer. So there's a lot more ways to get around features that some of these under machines don't have. Yeah, so that's a good thing too. So I think is out to come. I think the booms are still too light for 120 feet. They look like they're Booms that would be on a hundred or 90 or 100 foot machine. It would be Is still to come whether or not they're heavy enough for our terrain if he's out here and he's running flat all the time. I think they're perfect. But if you get out here and you start going to these Terraces where that boom does a lot of whipping back and forth. I don't know which they don't that's what they say. They don't sway as much but they I think they need more protection on them. Yeah. Yeah, so and protection you say like the tippers on the front or the back side of the knot of the boom you wanted in the center kind of where it has a brace on either side. Yes, some kind of protection on each end of it work. No kind of Liam can't do it to hit it. Yeah, because everybody you're gonna get them in the trees. It's none denial. Yeah. Well, we have a phone pole or tree or anything. Yeah, but when you spray and when you're spraying, you know, 15 different fields or 20 Fields a day, you know, when you're average field is 20 to 40 acres or 50, you know, you you're gonna spray a bunch of feels and when you get in much field, there's more room for air you have more edges, you know, we have more obstacles in the fields. so But all in all vent people the guys that come down Shane and Dave great to work with really enjoyed it. We want to thank y'all for the opportunity to demo this machine a lot of information. The guys was here for three or four or five days. You know, I know it took time out of y'all schedule for us to run this thing. And like I said, we we really appreciate the opportunity to run this prayer and to demo it. It's definitely got us looking, you know, we don't know what we're gonna do when we trade sprayers again, so it's definitely got us looking at rogator fit sprayers because it it was a good experience.

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