Feeding the Deer
4 May 231 min 45 sec

Hogs, Snakes, Alligators, its always something at Miles Farms in Arkansas.  Now it's the deer treating Layne's soybean plot like a salad bar.

00:00 You know guys. Damian doesn't even like to really come in our area a little Vietnam. 00:08 mostly alligators snakes cottonmouths rattlesnakes, you know, that's the stuff that'll kill you. We did have to replant 80 acres three different 00:18 times because of hogs and hog damage and and Really that really? Leans on a fellow pretty hard. It's pretty tough. I mean, 00:26 we don't generally have to replant all the time because of deer we do get a little bit of feeding especially in a younger younger Bean, 00:33 you know clipping off the top of that beans long as they stay above that cotyledons is generally it's generally. All right. It's about like like Temple sulfur product probably a little 00:42 bit better. But then we get some feeding kind of around the edges when the beans get older normally there. You don't even see any kind 00:49 of any kind of yield loss but something like this is this is pretty pretty tough. We're gonna have to come in here with 00:55 a little bit of a earlier Bean just so we have it comes off with a harvest the same time. We're going to come out here spot plant for what we got. I'm gonna say without doing 01:05 stand counts yet. We probably got what Dad some places zero some places 25 50,000 over on the other side. We've got a full stand. So, you know, 01:14 it's something we're going to come through here. replant sit down judge amount of good spot in the bath spot 01:22 and last thing one thing we're going to do dad. We're gonna plant 200,000. I'm keeping a hundred and deer can have a hundred. 01:31 They can have one side of the road or the other side of the road. Like they can't take that side of the field and I can have this we're going to take 200,000. They're 01:38 gonna have a hundred. I'm gonna have 100.