February Corn Harvest
7 Mar 231 min 24 sec

Matt plants corn and beans in February and Temple breaks out the combine. What is going on?

00:00 Hey guys, Temple roads of extreme mag here. Today we are harvesting corn. we 00:09 are actually picking corn. In the end of February, it's what we do every year. We're actually picking corn here. We leave these 00:18 corn strips all across the farm. For geese in the winter time, but we're out here at harvesting corn now. That's where a blind was 00:26 a little down spot. But even if you look out here it's doing I guess we're doing 148 149 150 bushel, 00:35 but That's what's left out here after the geese kind of pick through it. It's not too bad. I mean there's I can't believe it's 00:43 still standing. I mean that every year it's still stands and I just can't figure out why maybe it's a testament 00:49 to some of the stuff that we are doing an extreme egg, you know with more fungicides pgr's promoting plant health because we've had you 00:58 know, we've had snow we've had a lot of wind had a lot of rain. Corn still standing up look down here at the head. Not a 01:06 lot on the ground. I mean there's some on the ground there. Don't get me wrong and it's tore up pretty bad. He's got 01:12 a lot of it but still getting a little bit here gonna take the rest of it out of here. 01:17 All right guys be back to you soon.

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