Extended In-Furrow Energy Source
13 Apr 230 min 53 sec

Kelly talks about a new product he is putting into his in-furrow trials this year that promises to extend the availability of phosphorous in-furrow and improve uptake. It is the first time he will be using


 from Loveland Products.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG gonna share with you today. One of the new products. We're going to use from the nutrient Loveland family. It's 00:06 Altura an inferral fertilizer. The base of it is a 721o. So it's got some phosphorus of course, and then it also has humic fulvic 00:16 and human and the difference in those three sources is the length of the chain of carbon, and the longer chain. Carbon is a more sustained energy source. I'm really 00:25 excited to test this product because I'm always after my carbon to nitrogen ratio and putting human humic and full vic infero to me 00:34 is a big deal in bringing that ratio into balance. So I'm very excited to try it. I've never tried it before like I said, it's a new product, and I'm excited to work with 00:43 nutrient this year on it. I really think it could bring us great success, and we'll have to put in some trials and see what happens. Thanks.

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