Extended Grainfill
20 Oct 224 min 30 sec

In one of the driest years on record, Lee compares his Integra 96-Day corn against the Pioneer 96-Day corn right across the row.  

00:00 Hey everybody. It's Lee lubbers extreme AG doing a field report here. I am with Mark from Integra seeds here today and we put 00:09 their 96-day corn against Pioneer 96-day corn. And as all of you've been following me along this year. This is 00:19 our other 2012 event. This field also a little over seven inches of rain total for the season and we started out with an 00:29 empty tank. We did not have our sub profile full at all. So I've been living hand to mouth a ton of heat 00:35 and standing here today with Mark. Extremely impressed how things look side by side. It looks awesome their number 00:46 held in really good. You can see we've got plant Health. We've got Stay Green as I've showed another videos and photos the difference between 00:56 physiological maturity and premature death. If you look at their number. Our husk or just turning ears. Erect. We're 01:05 still feeding the ear and the plants are starting to dry down. So preserving Greenfield. That's the whole goal is to 01:14 extend that if you extend grain feel you're winning and that's what we're doing here this year and they're hybrids held in very well 01:23 the middle of July. I came through here cutting through taking a shortcut during weed Harvest and the neighbor across the road was all rolled up 01:32 looking like a field of onions come by this field. It looks good. Their number was holding in really well leaves will unfurled the plant was still functioning respiration. 01:41 Everything was going on the plant was still working and doing its job. As it was tasseled out. 01:49 And now across the road the neighbor he chopped his field for silage and we're gonna have I don't know. What do you think here? 150 150 01:58 bushel corn, you know, it's a pretty Stark difference in the bottom line. So I'll give a market minute here to kind of talk about some of 02:07 the things that he's seeing. Yeah, thanks Lee. The one thing we're seeing in this field and I've seen it all over South Dakota this year we've had 02:15 You can go two miles the corn shot another two miles. It looks gorgeous. It's very very spotty rains. The one thing in tager has added on all their seed this 02:24 year is their Preparatory seed treatment. And one thing we noticed this year are emergence out of the ground was. 02:30 phenomenal we were two three days ahead of all the competition and her test plots. And the other thing I'm noticing about that in a varieties is all varieties. 02:40 that that Emirates early on has increased our late season plant health and sea green this field showing it. 02:50 Really well today. You know like wide leaves. Help with pollination. We're just now starting to dry down at the bottom. 02:59 Like Lee said we're still feeling here. We're adding test weight and I think that 03:04 that sea treatment is contributes to a lot of that varieties. This is our first go at Integrity 03:13 seeds this year and we're very impressed. This is real life. This is what we're seeing Stay Green is excellent this 03:22 spring I was watching the field for emergence. They're numbered just popped up right out of the gate. It was a touch faster than 03:29 the Pioneer. I think they do have a good seed treatment. We're gonna have a real good trial that's gonna be fun. It's always 03:36 nice to combine a good crop in a crappy year and we're gonna be able to do that this year and really impressed with Integra because this spring 03:45 mark it was about like a job interview when we when we got together on seed. He wanted to know what's her populations. What's your fertility your cdc's he 03:54 wanted to place the right hybrid? He didn't show up on her place going. We got this ray race horse that can do really good for you. But combine it when it's 28% because it 04:03 doesn't want to stand we've seen that before. So it was nice working with Mark because he listened to what we need and what 04:10 Geography is and what we're working with and I think they place the real good one here. It's gonna be fun. Stay tuned everybody. I'm Lee lubbers. 04:19 I'm Mark fitlick with Integra seed Wilbur Ellis and let's do it.

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