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Zinc is the most common micronutrient deficiency in corn. It is also one of the most important micros for healthy leaf and ear size. Kelly talks about the


 Zinc application that is part of his grower standard practice.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from Extreme Ag standing out here in the field today, but we're not looking at a trial because rev line Hopper throttle is grower 00:09 standard practice here. Uh, the plants look great, the corn looks great. We're happy with the root system we're developing. 00:15 This is a great product to get biology into your field, especially if you don't have an inferral system because this is a planter box Treatment. And what's unique about this product, as Kelly said, 00:24 is it's a way to deliver biology to the field in a way that we know the biology's alive and that we can effectively deliver it to the furrow. 00:31 And so in this case, that's what this product is. Revine Hopper frontal corn. We've got zinc, talc, graphite, iron, and manganese in the, 00:38 and we are able to deliver 12 nutrient solubilizers and nitrogen fixers, and we're able to deliver a product called Terrace and through the, 00:45 through these bile capsules as you see on the top. And that's really the, the key to the magic of how this product works is that we're able to deploy 00:51 these biologicals at the time that the farmers getting ready to plant. And that's applied during a time that they're already applying talc graphite. 00:57 And it's a way to deliver these technologies to the furrow, uh, right at the corn scene. 01:02 There's a lot of great products in agriculture that are available to farmers, but it isn't just a challenge that we need a great product, 01:08 we need a great delivery system. We're all busy during planting a hundred miles an hour. You don't have time. This, this mechanically makes it very easy. 01:17 This is something everybody should look at because of the ease of use of this product. You're all gonna put talc in your planner anyway, and by adding, 01:24 you know, the zinc portion is especially important to us. Every time we put zinc on, we get an economic response from it. 01:30 You want your phosphorus to zinc ratio to be 10 to one. What a great way to apply zinc. This is a lot better than going out with a spinner and in a, 01:38 in a floater treatment. By putting it on the seed, it's there and it's available for use. I encourage everybody to take a look.

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