Evaluating Tile Drainage Impact on Corn Root Development
13 Jun 241m 30s

Chad Henderson shares insights from a root dig conducted to evaluate the impact of tile drainage on corn plants. The study compares roots from plants directly over a tile line, 20 feet away from a tile line, and 200 yards from tiling, simulating a non-tiled field.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we've done a little root dig here. You know, everybody likes to dig up my corn plants 00:05 when they come out here to the field day. We fixing to replant these babies, by the way. And I got the spots marked out there in the field. 00:10 We're gonna try to make like a half a ear with it. Anyway, this is a root dig on the tile. This one here is directly over a tile line. Okay? 00:18 This one here is 20 foot off a tile line. Now remember, the spacing on this is 40 foot centers. This is four inch on forties. 00:26 This is 20 foot off a tile line. This plant directly over tile line here, this is 200 yards away from the tiling. 00:33 And what this simulates is non tiled field is what it simulates. So where we're at here is we're looking at the fact 00:41 that these are pretty similar in the way they look, um, other than the fact that the stalk diameter is larger here than I think this one is, 00:51 but this is three years old of tiling and we're seeing that. What we're figuring is, is this is why we would might want 00:58 to go if we could afford it to go with closer centers than 40 feet. Maybe we should have been thirties 01:04 or maybe that it'll take more than a couple years to get this to open up. You know, I'm a new Tyler here. I'm three years into this. 01:12 So this is what we're seeing. This is three years old, and we'll see if this one don't open up. Get to capillaries where the water's flowing, get to oxygen, 01:20 where it's moving better, and we'll be more plants that look like this.

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