New Product Trials for Corn
10 Jun 241m 22s

Kevin Matthews is planting a new plot for a new XtremeAg sponsor. He breaks down the trial in this video.

00:00 So right here today we're planting corn. We're doing some plots for a company called Vibe, first year experience for these guys, it seem 00:07 to be pretty knowledgeable. Got some pretty good products. We're gonna see how they stack up. 00:11 We've got a product called Asteroid comparable to Xw. So we've got Xw across the field and then we got the asteroid in between the xw. 00:21 So we got 24 rows all the way across the field, on and off with and without. So it's gonna be interesting to see how that performs. 00:29 Now we're adding a Fender product they have, and so that insecticide that goes infer up both these products actually go infer 00:35 where the Xw goes in their two to two. We're adding that to it now. We're gonna see if that brings any additional 00:41 yield or income. So we'll see what that does. And then we've got a couple other products we're going to keep working on and see how they perform as well. 00:50 And like I say, we'll just add these in and we'll get probably 15, 20 acres of each. That way we got a good comparison 00:56 and you can really tell across the farm whether it pays you to use this product or not. 01:00 Y'all stay tuned. Uh, this is just what we do at Extreme Ag. A lot of new companies come in that we've never heard of 01:06 and we try their products and lots of times them companies have been around a long time. They're just not in the area where we farm. 01:13 So really interested to see how these valve products perform. Seems to be a great group of folks. And y'all stay tuned.

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