Evaluating Drain Tile Installation: Is It a Smart Investment for Your Farm?
8 May 242m 9s

Kelly Garrett talks about he is replacing a disc with drain tile in this field.

00:00 So here's an example of a project that we've just starting. You can see in the video how we've cleaned up the upper end 00:06 everywhere on here, that the disc has obviously been out there to fix the ditch. It's not a fix, it's a bandaid. 00:14 And you can see how that ditch goes all the way down there. And those trees, that scrub brush has grown up. 00:19 That ditch really isn't that deep, but erosion and that spring and being wet has caused that ditch to develop over time and it just keeps working back. 00:29 We've started to fix it this spring, but we don't have time to complete it. So we'll wait till next fall. 00:33 We'll remove all the trees, we'll push the ditch in, level it out, and then we'll tile it. And there will probably be a tile, at least one, if not two, 00:42 run everywhere that you can see where the disc has gone. And again, bandaided those ditches. 00:47 I'm very confident that every one of those ditches is wet. Not just the big one, but all of 'em. 00:52 Now, it might not be wet enough that the water runs there all the time, that you can see it wet enough 00:56 that the water holding capacity of the soil is saturated, which causes erosion. 01:01 And if we tile those, push that in, that'll stop the erosion. Number one thing here is we're preventing erosion 01:07 and improving the conservation. Number two thing here, we're greatly increasing the production of the ground to try to quantify 01:14 the value of tile. It's impossible. 15, $20,000 an acre of land here in Iowa where I live, tile is a reclamation project. 01:22 I'm reclaiming not just that ditch and taking out those trees and making it more productive. I'm increasing the conservation of my land. 01:28 I'm improving the soil health, I'm increasing the productivity of my land. We won't have to dis those ditches any year. 01:34 That's a time saver, a fuel saver, uh, disking, those ditches makes it so the planter can go across and it's a necessary practice, 01:41 but alls it does is loosen the soil. And if it rains, it's gonna wash out some more. Uh, I mean it really is a bandaid. 01:48 Disking, those is, is not a solution. But until we came up with the idea to tile those like that, that's what we had to do every year. 01:54 And, and we still do it on some ground because we can't obviously tile it all in in one season. But we're going farm to farm on the ground that we own. 02:01 We're trying to improve the conservation, the soil health and the productivity.

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