Evaluating Corn Varieties Beyond Yield
14 Dec 232 min 3 sec

In his third year of trialing Integra corn, Chad admits he had a lot of doubts about how well it would work on his farm.  It has consistently delivered yield, but that is not all Chad looks at when evaluating a corn hybrid.  He explains the other attributes he wants to see in a corn variety. 

00:00 Hey y'all. It's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag, and we're in one of our fields that we had the Integra corn seed in. 00:05 So we've been, had a little bit of this floating around the south, you know, for, for a few years here. But, uh, you know, I've, I've, I've planted some, 00:12 Matt's planted some and it's done well, you know, uh, you wonder all the time, you know, Hey, this thing hadn't, I hadn't heard of this down here. 00:19 So you, you know, you're always kind of worried or skeptic about putting things like this in, but that's why we do what we do. 00:25 We're trialing these things and we had two varieties in this field. Um, and I'm just walking back through it. 00:30 We're collecting the data, we're walking back through it, we're looking at things, you know, 00:33 and we're looking at stock quality and looking at, looking at things like that that matters to us. 00:38 You know, we get a wind at any time down here or a storm. And so we keep, we always were looking at other 00:44 things besides yield. Yes. It, it has the yield. Yes, we need good grain quality. Yes, we need good test weight. 00:50 And it also provided those things. You know, there's several things we look at when we're harvesting corn, you know, uh, is a cob, 00:56 has it got a good cob? Does it shatter much when it hits the deck plates? Uh, how's the moisture and all on it? 01:02 You know, there's, there's a lot of, lot of little variables that go into it. You know, you can have some 01:06 of the best yielding corn in the world, but if it falls down or it won't harvest well, 01:10 or, you know, if the cob is, is real spongy, you know, it, it can make it a nightmare on the folks running the machines 01:16 and, uh, us trying to get the crop. Us trying to get the crop outta the field. So one of the things we look at afterwards is, you know, 01:23 how much grain is left on, on the cob, which, you know, we can set that with the machines to extent, but how it plays out, you know, 01:29 that's one of the things we look at. Next thing we look at is kinda look at some of the stalk quality on it. 01:34 You can see that it's still, it's still got good quality, you know, so even here, 01:40 after it's done, you, we still got a good sturdy root system and a good stalk. So that tells us what it was, when it did have a plan on it, 01:47 you know, so we'll keep digging into this integrity deal and we'll keep it moving 01:52 and make sure that, um, we keep trialing things for y'all and for us, and to make our farms better 01:57 and make everything more profitable.

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