Commodity Classic '24: Estes Unveils the XPR3 Concaves - An All In One Solution For Combines
25 Apr 244m 39s

Damian and Kevin get a first look at the new XPR3 Concaves while at the Commodity Classic. This new model promises an all-in-one solution for various crops without the need for changing concaves, covers, or inserts.

00:00 Coming at you from Commodity Classic 2024. Ask the question, what's new and what's it do for you outside of Estes Concaves Booth. 00:08 Estes Concaves uh, came into contact with me and you a couple years ago. Far Progress show. They got a better mousetrap. 00:15 But here's the thing, this is an improvement on their already better Mouse Trap Estes Concaves. In introducing the XPR three, it says All crops, 00:24 no covers, no inserts, and no changing concaves. What does that mean? Well, dam mean I was, I come by earlier 00:33 and I talked with Todd 'cause I wanted to know with the new Cas from now, you know, should I change from my twos? 00:40 Are they better than my twos? What's this gonna do to make my life easier? And in certain harvest conditions, 00:46 we would have a cover plate that would go on the backside of this con. Okay? And we could add that in 00:52 and out as we needed it, especially on small grains. We would need to add that too. I said. But with this new setup, 00:59 you're not gonna be using the cover plates anymore. Todd Dale with us is Concaves is gonna give me the tutorial while, uh, Kevin Walt. 01:06 'cause the easiest thing to do is take me from this one to this one. What's different? Yep. 01:10 So the number one concave is the newest edition to the XPR three system. That's the helical slant on the bars as you can see this. 01:19 Uh, okay. Yep. So that slant lines up better with the material wrap Around the room. And the 01:24 Benefit for this, it does. What's it do for me? Threshing? It's going, it's gonna increase your threshing potential compared 01:31 to our XPR tooth hunt. Some worries talking about the lion oil. 'cause when that material comes in, 01:35 if you notice it's flat up there, it's a smooth transition. Yeah. And then it starts to do the grain, 01:40 old grain thrashing as it comes through. Okay? So that's taking my, my grain off of my Corn cob, for instance. 01:46 And, and then I go to the second concave. It's Gonna do the same thing. It's helping the number one. 01:50 So the number two concave is gonna help your number one. And number three is also gonna help your, your number one 01:57 and number two, and then gonna unload. And then the last one you got your hand on there. That's our separation grade, extreme separation grade. 02:04 So that's on the back half of the rotor. And that's what we use to verify, keep all of our losses down at a really low level 02:13 and keep separating the drain, getting it outta the Right all. Wait a minute, Todd. Now now you, have you put any 02:19 of these in or you just said I have. We put a lot, lot. All right. So apparently somebody's mastered your fingers like I did correct too. 02:27 All, so this is pretty cool deal right here. So now we got two pieces on this scrape. So that will bolt right up there when we go to install it, 02:37 which is going to make the install to a whole lot easier. Isn't a Ton. Yes. 02:41 Yeah. So this is, uh, so it locks in place. And then this of course got the hard grade bolts. Yep. Go in there, bolted up. 02:51 And so what I have found over the years, and this is something when we first started working with you guys, we wanna focus on the cont. 03:00 It's very important, but so much of the time our losses in this separator side, it's kind of forgotten about. 03:06 Correct. Now you got one here, but we have, um, three grates in, if I remember right, or four? 03:11 Three. Three. Do y'all recommend replacing all three of them? It's a, it's a, so that's gonna depend on the size 03:19 of combine the larger class of more capacity potential and more. Why is this an improvement over previous generations 03:27 For me? Is the farmer not having to ever need any grapes to go on or cover plates to go over these grapes? Is it hard 03:34 To put the plates on or Is this really not? But Damien, I mean it, you're cutting soybeans and you go in there 03:40 and it's, you've got a nice clean cab in the combine. You go pull the covers off and you go in there and snap in plates in, which are easy to put in on old one. 03:48 But I just don't like getting all that dust all down my neck all. So what you go for wheat, corn, soybeans? 03:54 I, there's no changing of any Type. Yeah. So they have on, on small grain, they have what is a small grain? 04:00 A small wire concave. And they're very, very heavy and they're, and they, they're very tough to get in and out. 04:06 And that was one thing that brought, brought me to Estes and look at the other options. 04:10 Yep. Of concaves years ago it was so I would not have to have multiple sets. They're expensive. Yeah, it's a lot of money when, 04:16 and you can go, instead of having two sets, you go down to one. Got it. And then this stays in there. No, I'm not changed. Got it. 04:23 So next time, Damien Mason from Extreme Ag and coming to you from Commodity Classic, check out all the great stuff 04:28 that we've created at Commodity Classic and also from the field, from field days and from other events. 04:33 Extreme ag, far.

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